Will UTME Candidates Pay #1000 at Exam Venues?

UTME candidates queueing at CBT centres

While going for UTME, are candidates required to take one thousand naira (#1000) along?

This was a question asked by a parent who had heard on the news that JAMB required all candidates sitting for UTME to go with #1000.

A few students had equally dropped comments, on this blog, to know if it's compulsory, truly, that candidates must go to CBT centres, where to write their exams, with the money.

In this post, I will answer this question with references and make sure you get things rightly.

UTME Candidates Are Required to Write Mock - Paying #1000 to the Centres

In case you didn't know, before the main UTME, there was a preparatory CBT exam, organized by JAMB, for interested candidates to get themselves accustomed to the CBT environment.

This exam was called Mock. And a few candidates, who had shown interest in it, and were selected for them by the CBT attendants, during the UTME registration, had been scheduled for the exams and partook in it.

To write this exam, since it's not the main UTME, the board didn't make any monetary provision for the to-be-used CBT centres. Hence, candidates, themselves, are required to pay for the usage of the CBT centres' facilities.

Back then, the board limited the CBT centres to collecting #1000 from each candidate who showed up for the preparatory test.

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To Write The Main UTME, You're Not Required to Pay #1000

A few days after the mock, it's the time for the main UTME. This time, candidates are not required to make any payment at their venues or attached CBT centres.

Unlike the mock, the board has made payment provisions for all participating CBT centres - thereby would be paid by the board itself.

Therefore, it doesn't matter whether you wrote mock or otherwise, for the real UTME, you're not to pay any centre.

In short, walk into the centre, do the physical screening/verification and enter for your exam without paying a kobo.

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Parents, guardians, sponsors and candidates should be aware that the #1000 instructed by JAMB, to be paid by individual UTME candidates, will not be required for the main UTME as that fee was strictly for candidates participating in the preparatory test called Mock.

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