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Will All UTME Candidates Get the Same JAMB Questions?

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A few JAMB candidates had asked me if the questions given by JAMB to candidates were the same. In other words, they wanted to know if all students would be asked or given the same set of questions.

Let's break this down.

Let's say you're a science student and a friend of yours is also a science student. Should you be expecting the same questions in UTME?

Will the questions given to the set of students who wrote UTME yesterday be the same as the questions that will be given to students who are sitting for UTME today or tomorrow?

There is a need to ask this question if you've got a few friends who had returned from the exams to give you some questions they came across in the exams.

Some would tell you JAMB repeated some questions they had practiced. Some would hint you on the area of the literature book (reading book) and topics where questions were set.

As a result, you may want to commit yourself to reading the same or commit them to mind so that if JAMB can set the same questions, you're good to go.

This post will show you the right answer to your questions and open your mind to the related concerns.

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JAMB Can Set The Same Questions For Students But Not Usually

In the past UTME, in the present UTME, or those coming in the future, JAMB reserves the right to set the same questions for candidates sitting for the same year UTME.

For instance, JAMB may set the same questions for all art, science, and commercial students writing UTME the same day or repeat the questions done yesterday for those sitting for the exam today or tomorrow, or the day after. 

After all, no candidate is allowed to take the questions out of the exam hall. Once you submit your questions, no way to retrieve that and show them to your friends and families.

With that restriction, JAMB is safe if they decide to repeat the same questions day after day.

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Hence, we have had students claiming that they got the same questions given to their friends the same day or in the recent days.

That's usual. Therefore you can expect JAMB to give you the same questions as others writing the same day, in the recent or coming days.

However, there is no certainty that JAMB will set the same questions for students on the same day or in the recent days. It can come up intentionally or accidentally but not a rule that questions must be the same.

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Where Questions Are the Same, Numbering May Be Different

If the same questions were set for you and a friend in the same exam center, expect the numbering to be different.

Let me explain.

Let's say you're to do Biology, Physics and Chemistry and your friend is to do the same. Each of the subjects will have 40 questions numbered 1-40. The questions set may be the same as yours. Yet, there is no certainty that your question 1 will be his question 1 or question 2 will be his question 2.

In fact, his Chemistry question 1 may be your Chemistry question 11. 

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This is the method used to prevent cheating during the exams if the same set of questions is given to candidates sitting for the same papers on the same schedule.

If cheating is one of the reasons you're asking if the same questions will be set for all candidates, this mixing up of the questions won't let you through.

Avoid cheating or else, you'll mess things up!

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JAMB Usually Repeats Past Questions 

Different from the cases above, JAMB usually repeats the past questions in the present exams.

Let me explain.

JAMB may decide to repeat the entire questions set for English, Maths, Physics, or any other subjects of the 2003 UTME in the 2022 UTME.

Of course, I'd once said JAMB didn't have new questions again. Yes, the examination board has been setting questions since its first year. Why would it be setting new questions again? 

Topics and subjects don't change. There are probably no reasons for the questions to be changed too.

Hence, the board is found of repeating questions. 

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However, it's unusual to see entire questions being repeated. The board may take a few questions from different years and merge it for another year. 

If you've treated past questions for several years, you must have noticed this. You must have come across several questions being repeated from one year to another.

Therefore, it's advisable to study your past questions between the line so that if questions are repeated, they will fall into your hands.

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Candidates should expect JAMB to set the same questions for students sitting for the same papers during the UTME. However, the numbering for the questions may be mixed to avoid cheating.

Also, the most usual situation is to see JAMB repeating the previous year's questions in the new year's exam - in its entirety or taking a few from one year and the other to form questions for the current exam.

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