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Do I Need Industrial Training (IT) Before DE Registration?

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While considering an application for Direct Entry prospective applicants may want to know if it's compulsory to do one- or two-year industrial training (IT) after their National Diploma (ND) before they can be able to obtain the form.

In other words, if you'd just completed your Ordinary National Diploma (OND) and wish to proceed to a university through the JAMB Direct-entry form, will IT be required as part of the DE application requirements.

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Industrial Training (IT) is Not a Requirement for DE Application

A year or two of practical knowledge acquisition that ND holders are expected to undergo after completing their two-year National Diploma is not a prerequisite to obtaining JAMB Direct entry form.

To obtain DE form, candidates are simply required to have their O'level and ND results handy or possibly awaiting. A registration centre won't need your IT letters, evidence of any kind, or details before filling in your details for DE.

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Industrial Training Is Not Required on Admission to 200 Level - Through DE

If offered admission through DE, candidates are given 200 or 300 level courses. However, on resumption and for the freshers' documentation/registration, no university will ask if you'd done or completed your IT programme prior to the admission. Hence, IT is irrelevant for the JAMB DE or 200/300 level admission.

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Industrial Training (IT) is Only Required for HND Admission

As opposed to the Direct Entry admission which will not call for applicants to have done a year or two of in-office or on-field training, applicants for the Higher National Diploma programmes are required compulsorily to have completed their ITs before being offered admission.

Of course, IT is particularly meant for candidates who wish to proceed to HND instead of obtaining DE forms to process admissions into universities.


Having stated that you wouldn't need Industrial Training (IT) for the Direct entry application, you should be set to obtain the form as soon as you're done with ND, or where possible, before completing - on awaiting results. Not participating in IT will have NO effect on your offer for the 200/300 level admission through JAMB direct entry. 

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