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Best Ways to Study and Attend Classes in Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges

Very many newly admitted students will want to know how best to approach their studies and classes. 

Must you attend all classes or you can be picky about which ones to be present at?

And if you've been on campus for the past few months, you might have been doing things wrong but you're now ready to approach it differently.

In this post, I will be sharing, with you, clues on how to study and attend classes in any university, polytechnic, or college of education in Nigeria.

There could be variances elsewhere, but in Nigeria, you have to understand how things work before you go all in and come out with a standing ovation.

1. Not All Classes Must Be Attended

As strange as this might sound, I have the experience to tell you that not all classes should be attended.

Especially in your year 1, when very many classes will be the repetitions of or little jump from what you've learned back in secondary school, you don't have to make yourself available for all lectures.

We made the same mistake and it's foolish of us all!

You'll be taken through the basics of your course at the 100 level. Most of these lectures would be what you'd covered back at home with a few changes if any.

If these courses have handouts or texts, and you can afford them, being sold by the lecturers, you don't have to dedicate your time to attend its 21-time lectures for the semester.

With intensive reading, on your own or in a group, you can do better in their tests and exams than mates who made all the 21 classes.

Though, this doesn't mean you should not attend all its classes. You should be sure that attendance won't be an issue with the lecturer. And you should find out when it may be necessary and when it won't matter.

You're asking what will you be doing while you're not in for the classes?

Spend quality time studying other courses that are more important but you've not got right. 

A few lectures had been covered, and even though you're there, you're still finding it difficult to understand. And you know without intensive reading, you may not get things before tests and exams start knocking you off, you can use the time for those redundant classes for the most important reading.

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2. 1- or 2-Unit Courses are Not the Real Deal

Similar to number 1 above, there could be one or two courses that are just 1 or 2 units. These courses are nothing to be intensive about, in terms of reading and attending their classes.

You have to learn this as soon as you get to school. Courses are not created equal. The 5-unit, 4-unit, and 3-unit courses are usually the backbones of your course. They determine your overall success. Hence, they're as important as your life. Guard them!

You don't miss their classes, you don't avoid buying their handouts, you don't fuck up in their tests and exams. Your priority in the higher-unit course should be distinction i.e 70% or above accumulatively for both the tests and exams.

Whereas, for the 1- or 2-unit courses, all you have to avoid is scoring less than 50% or 40%. Once you cross that border, you've just avoided rerunning the course. And that's enough as they don't have much impact on your Grade Point Average (GPA).

Speaking of the GPA, learn how to calculate it as soon as you get to school. You should find such a guide in your student's handbook. This will help you to understand and better concentrate on courses you can't avoid and those that can be motherly.

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3. Don't Read Outside Your Notes and Handouts

As soon as you know your school has a well-equipped library, you may be tempted to visit that regularly and pick a few books off the shelves as that will add to your knowledge.

I can bet it, this is not mostly rewarding in Nigeria. 

The most important thing, if you want to be your class' tutor, department's scholar, or one of the best students is to focus mainly on the notes being given by those lecturers. And if they sell handouts or texts, buy them and read them.

Save yourself the stress of reading beyond what others have been taught in the classes.

Most lecturers will repeat class examples in the tests and exams. Some will repeat the same test questions in the exams. Some will set your assignments as test or exam questions. 

In all, they don't go out of what they've covered in the classes. assignments and tests. 

Do you know why?

Most lecturers have also limited their learning and added to what they had formed notes and classes around. While making your test and exam scripts, he wants to see his words, his drawings, his examples, etc.

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4. Learn to Be a Good Crammer

Cramming? I know what you're thinking. 

Your dad, mum, teacher, and brother have told you that it's not good to be a crammer. You just had to study by heart and remember everything you had learned and put it down in your own best way.

They told me and those who are already on campus the same. We were sold this lie until we came to the universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

Except for courses that are purely or mainly calculation dependent e.g. Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Accounting, etc., the best advice you will get from anybody is that you should be the best crammer in any institution if you want to be the best student or one of the best.

Let me tell you a secret. Most scholars are the best crammers. 

Your lecturer wants you to answer his questions based on his notes and handouts - word for word.

While marking your scripts, he will be looking for his adjectives, adverbs, phrases, etc. Once he can see that on your papers, you've won him. 

If you think you can write down your own grammar and vocabulary, even though the same meaning as or is better than what your lecturers had written for you, you're doomed.

Those who have ears should hear!

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5. If You Can't Cope to Be One of the Best, Explore for the Future

There are two reasons people go to school here. 

You can go and make the best result so you can get the best office job and work for somebody or the government all your life. You can also come out of that school to start something on your own and be independent all after.

If you can beat academics, the first choice is for you. If you can't beat the limit, while struggling with academics, try to explore more.

Let the school passes through you. Most students with the best results and grades only pass through the school.

In your own case, let the school passes through you. Be in sports. Go on excursions. Partake in politics and unionism. Be everywhere other than anything illegal.

You never know what will eventually work for you. You never know where you will get the formula to make it in life. Luckily, school is one of the platforms to detect and pick what will work for you other than the certificate.

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