Can I Teach with OND in Engineering, Accounting, SLT, etc.? -

Can I Teach with OND in Engineering, Accounting, SLT, etc.?

One of my readers had been so inquisitive about teaching. He wanted to know if he could use his National Diploma (ND) to teach. In other words, he wanted to know if an ND holder is legally or officially eligible to be a teacher.

The case is not different from an HND holder or a non-education BSC course. That's why I wrote, "6 Ways to Convert HND to Education Course (Teacher/Lecturer)".

Let's get started with the basics.

Who is an ND Holder?

An ND holder is a graduate of a polytechnic awarded the Ordinary National Diploma (recently National Diploma) after completing two-year academic and practical classes.

In Nigeria for example, such a person obtains the JAMB UTME to process admission into a polytechnic. He might also use other means such as daily part-time or regular part-time programmes to gain admission into the polytechnic. After admission, he starts from ND 1 (100 level) and proceeds to ND 2 (200 level) where he completes the first stage of polytechnic academic arrangements.

After his 200-level final exams, he will be awarded the National Diploma (ND).

Here comes the question. Can he be recognized as a qualified teacher with this qualification? Can he be employed by the government or private school to teach? 

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ND Holders Are Not Qualified Teachers

As an ND holder, you're not recognized statutorily to teach in schools. You're not a teacher because you're not trained to become one. You may have teaching experiences, love the profession, or be able to teach very well. Yet, you're NOT an eligible teacher - be it at a public or private school. I detailed this when I was comparing OND and NCE and which one to go for.

An ND holder is trained to work with an organization dealing with activities in the areas of his training. For example, if you hold ND in Accountancy, you can be a storekeeper, bookkeeper, office assistant, etc. If you hold ND in Mechanical Engineering, you can work with a company repairing or making engines or in a maintenance room of a company, etc.

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Trained People for Teaching in Schools

There are few people originally trained to become and be recognized as qualified and eligible teachers. These people must be holders of any of the following qualifications:

  1. National Certificate in Education (NCE)
  2. Bachelor of Education (BSC Edu, B.ED)
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  4. Masters of Education (M. Ed.)

You Can Still Teach With ND - Unofficially

The fact that you're not eligible to teach at a government or private school doesn't write off the fact that a few ND holders are still being used as auxiliary teachers, especially at various private schools (especially Nursey and Primary level).

However, you may not be presented officially as a teacher, if need be, to the government or its agencies.

Similarly, an ND holder can teach in a non-former education environment such as at a company's seminar (as an instructor, tutor, etc).

In this case, no government is interested in your qualification. Instead, employers are only interested in how well you can pass the knowledge you have to others.

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Interested in Teaching with National Diploma? Use these Channels to Upgrade Yourself

The reader I made reference to, in the introduction of this post, asked a few other questions that showed how much he wanted to become a teacher even as an OND holder. He asked if he could be teaching in a private school and continue to the university to acquire an education certificate and how to go about that.

Below is the list of your best opportunities if you want to move up to teaching with ND.

  1. National Open University: Here the university, with its study centers in every state in Nigeria, you can obtain the DLC 200 level admission form with your ND. You're to spend three more years or thereabout to be awarded BSC Edu or B.ED. Consequently, you can teach. Where the ND result is not acceptable for their DE application, you may consider 100-level admission instead.
  2. Distance Learning Programmes: Various universities also run distance Learning Programmes where you can be admitted into 200 level with your ND or you may consider 100-level admission instead. Universities that may come to mind include the University of Ibadan, the University of Ilorin, etc
  3. Part-Time Degree Programmes: Just like distance learning, various universities may consider you for their degree part-time courses in the 200 level or 100 level (where the former is not possible). You opt-in for an education course and spend 5 years (part-time programmes are usually one year more than the regular degree course).
  4. NTI Kaduna Distance Learning: National Teachers institute Kaduna is one best alternative to regular degree programmes, distance-learning or part-time. You can access the institute's programmes at any NTI study centres across the nation.

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