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Can I Use Auxiliary Nurse Certificate at Government Hospital?

Nurses at Government hospital

Obviously, when learning as an Auxiliary Nurse, what comes to mind is being able to use your expertise for yourself, families, and friends and when required, for the government.

Auxillary nursing training is quite similar to the registered nursing course except that the latter are better groomed and more resourceful.

And you might have got the right answer to using your auxiliary nursing certificate to work in a local hospital like where you learned or a similar hospital. However, if you're on this page, you should be confused about the acceptability of auxiliary nurse certificates for government-owned hospitals - be it the local, state, or federal.

Similarly, you may want to know if the certificate of an auxiliary nurse will be accepted abroad for jobs?

This post will answer these questions.

Auxillary Nurse Certificates Are Not Acceptable For Government Jobs

Auxillary nurses are nicked-named "quack nurses". They may be good at what they do. However, their certificates are not recognized (at least not yet, by the government) for vacancies at any private, local, state, and federal hospital.

In fact, where a private hospital uses the service of this set of nurses, the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria has declared that people patronizing such hospitals are doing that at their own risks.

To this end, it may be forgiving, to a certain extent, if a local private hospital uses auxiliary nurses. But for the government hospitals, it's most unlikely.

Trained Health Assistants Are Acceptable in Place of Auxiliary Nurses

Under normal circumstances, the recognized auxiliary nurses are the trained health assistants from recognized/government approved colleges of health technology and colleges of health information management.

Hence, instead of the government hospitals to employ the quacks popularly called the auxiliary nurses, they accept the health assistants instead.


It's difficult to accept but you should. Learning to become an auxiliary nurse through our backyard hospitals in Nigeria is practically not a waste of time. You can, at least, use your knowledge on different and difficult occasions. 

However, if your dream is to become a recognized and bold health practitioner, your best choices should be to go for basic/general nursing at any teaching hospital, choose ND/HND in nursing with a few colleges, or consider any of these health-based courses at polytechnics around you. If none of these will work, learning to become a health assistant at any college of health is a resort.

Best of luck!

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