Can I Do Nursing at the College of Health? -

Can I Do Nursing at the College of Health?

I've made attempts to differentiate between schools/colleges of Nursing and schools/colleges of health technology in a few posts on this blog.

A few references include where I tried to tell you which one is easier to enter, cheaper, etc. Another is where I gave an account of the courses in the Colleges of Health and those available in the Colleges of Nursing.

But when an admission seeker asks a direct question such as "Can I study nursing at a college of health?", apparently, he or she understands that it may be harder to gain admission into schools and colleges of nursing around.

Having established that it's relatively easier to gain admission into colleges of health, can you just go here to study nursing?

In this post, I'll be answering this question and shedding more light on related concerns.

Schools/Colleges of Health Don't Offer the Nursing You're After

I know the Nursing you're after! You want to become a nurse - someone who works in a hospital or health facility, attending to patients, delivering babies, etc.

Isn't that correct?

If you'd come across my post, "List of Courses Offered by ALL Colleges Health Technology", you must have wondered why Nursing was not listed in the courses being offered by several colleges/schools of health in Nigeria.

Sorry to repeat the same here - training people to become nurses is not within the jurisdiction of colleges of health. That belong to the universities and schools/colleges of Nursing.

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Nursing Can Only Be Run By Schools, Colleges of Nursing, and the Universities' Departments of Nursing

Generally, the institutions, statutorily required to run nursing are:

  1. schools of Nursing (offering basic general nursing), 
  2. colleges of nursing (offering National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) in Nursing), and,
  3. universities with colleges of Nursing (offering degree/BS in Nursing).

Should you need repetition here, these are three categories of institutions you can look up to if seek to study nursing.

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Don't Be Confused By Schools/Colleges of Nursing Combining Health Tech Programme

Some schools/colleges of Nursing have been known to run health-tech-based programs usually as separate colleges or sections. Actually, those schools/colleges of health are just subsidiary programs in the same schools/colleges of Nursing.

Let me break this down.

Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital School of Nursing run ND/HND in Nursing. The same management also has a college of health called the School Of Health Information Management, OAUTHC.

This is an independent program being held where nursing is equally being held. This doesn't translate to if you go for the SHIM, you can do Nursing there. In fact, the SHIM only gives ND/HND in a college of health course called Health Information Management.

Similarly, very many other colleges/schools of nursing have this kind of subsidiary colleges of health such as the University of Ibadan Teaching Hospital SHIM, University of Benin Teaching Hospital SHIM, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital SHIM, etc.

Similar to this are some colleges of Nursing like Mercy Medical College Osun State. This a two-in-one institution as it has a Basic Nursing program section and a Health Tech program section.

You can only do Nursing under the right section and not under the other.

The summary of this part is that if you should consider a school/college of health, you can't be offered Nursing. There are college-of-health courses waiting for you other than Nursing

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Some Colleges of Health Have Similar-to-Nursing Courses

There are colleges of health that offer:

  1. Dental Nursing
  2. Surgical Nursing Assistant
  3. Public Health Nursing e.g. Oyo State College of Health Technology, Eleyele Ibadan, and College of Health Science And Technology Ijero Ekiti (at HND level)
  4. Orthopedic Image Casting
  5. Paramedical Nursing

These courses are not the same as basic nursing, degree nursing, or ND/HND nursing which belong to schools of nursing, universities offering nursing, and colleges of nursing respectively.

And some may not be available to the SSCE applicants but rather to those who had already got similar preliminary foundational programs or diplomas.


You can't seek admission into colleges of health technology if you want to study Nursing. Those colleges are NOT meant to offer all available types of nursing but rather certificate-based or post-basic nursing programs.

If you insist on Nursing, your case should be directed to universities that offer nursing, schools, and colleges of nursing only.

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