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Can I Write Biology and Agric Together in UTME?

Which Courses Need Biology and Agric. Together?
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You must be aware that several students had made mistakes - combining subjects for UTME in the past. This could be the reason you're asking this question.

I’ve seen a series of mistakes made while candidates combine one subject with the other. This kind of error is not only common among science candidates but also commercial and art students.

The question at hand now is, is it possible or right to combine Biology and Agric Science for JAMB UTME? In other words, can you write Biology, Agric with any other science subject for your proposed course?

To answer this question, we need to get the basics. So, let’s get this first.

Which Courses Need Biology and Agric. Together?

No course requires both Agricultural Science and Biology together as UTME subjects. In other words, no school will say you must sit for English, Biology, and Agric (together) plus one other subject for any course.

We all know that UTME subjects are four. English is compulsory, of course. There is nowhere in the entire JAMB brochure where a course demands writing both Biology and Agric together. It's either Agric or Biology.

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Relevant Courses Require One of Biology or Agric Never Both

All courses that require Biology or Agric will state “one of Agric or Biology” – not the two together.

A JAMB's response to the wrong subject combination

If you must write these subjects in UTME, don’t combine them.

As you already know, Biology and Agriculture Science are similar in literally all aspects. Hence, they're accepted in place of one another for all Agric-related courses.

If you must go for a course other than from the faculty of Agriculture or school of Agriculture, you'd better choose Biology instead of Agric.

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Preference For Biology To Agric

One important thing to note is that candidates are advised to consider Biology instead of Agric.


Generally, most courses that accept Agric, also accept Biology. But it’s been noticed that Biology is generally more recognized than Agric for more courses.

Hence, if you write Agric instead of Biology, you may be limited if you want to do the JAMB change of course later on. Biology can help you change your course at will.

Mistake Already Made, What Next?

If you’ve wrongly combined Biology and Agric, what should you do now that you know?

It’s not uncommon to see this kind of errors. I had covered this and proffered some solutions in my post, “Wrong UTME Subjects Combination? See Solutions”.

Yet, I want to add another way-out.

Consider changing the institution to "less competitive courses" in non-competitive schools.

Yes, you heard me.

I had done this for some students and it worked fine.

One of my candidates combined Biology and Agriculture for a course at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB). During the post UTME, needless to say, the portal showed “wrong combination”.

FUNAAB can be too strict about this like many other universities out there. So, what did we do?

We changed to OAU Degree at Adeyemi College of Education. We considered "Agric Education" as the course. This worked fine and the poor girl is now at Adeyemi.

This doesn’t mean Adeyemi College of Education can accept any possible combination. It only shows that these kinds of institutions can be more lenient with their admissions policies and decisions than most competitive universities you may be hungry for.

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