How to Gain Admission into Bayero University Kano (BUK): A - Z Guide -

How to Gain Admission into Bayero University Kano (BUK): A - Z Guide

You wouldn’t be on this page if you’d already known so much about the Bayero University of Kano and her admission. You’re here because you need a complete guide on how to gain admission to the ancient city university.

As a respected education consultant, I can tell you – you’re on the right page. I will be guiding you on step-by-step procedures to follow to be on campus this year or next.

After I’ve successfully produced a score of admission seekers to BUK with no one deprived, I wore clothes confident that I can produce more with the same guide I’ve been using. If you’re interested, let me take you on an adventure.

In this guide I’ll cover:

  • 5 SSCE credits Needed for Admission
  • Obtain UTME and Choose BUK as the first choice
  • Register for and take part in BUK Post UTME
  • Admission through the Direct Entry form
  • How Bayero distributes Admission Space
  • Admission with Influence or Connections

1. Make Relevant 5 SSCE credits in one or two Sittings

Sometimes when people could not complete SSCE results, they resolved to seek admission into universities in the north. I don’t particularly know the reason for this. Are northern universities

Don’t believe this.

You need at least 5 credit passes to gain admission to BUK. The university is one of the most respected institutions not only in the north but in the country at large.

Once you have 5 credit passes (at least) in one or two sittings, you can be confident to pursue your degree at the Citadel.

To know which is which, please visit, study, and understand your JAMB brochure. You can read my post on what to look for in the JAMB brochure here. It’s a perfect guide on how to use your brochure.

BUK states that,

Applicants must possess all the necessary ‘O’ level requirements applicable to undergraduate admissions. This means that credit in English is compulsory for all courses applied, while Mathematics is necessary for science based courses and the social sciences. 

In this sense, it means arts courses at BUK may accept an ordinary pass in Mathematics. Check your JAMB brochure to confirm.

RecommendedJAMB Brochure For Bayero University, Kano, Kano State

Bayero University Kano entrance

2. Obtain UTME and Choose BUK as the first choice

You must obtain JAMB if I must still remind you. Also, BUK must be your first-choice institution.

Some candidates say they can choose any northern university as their second choice.

Don’t believe such.

Let Bayero be your number-one university during UTME registration. No school is accepting the second choice any longer. That’s the truth!

3. Choose a Course at BUK

Choosing a course is not simple.

A candidate may easily believe he knows everything because he has a brother or sister running the same course at the school.

Don’t do this.

Visit, study, and understand your JAMB brochure. JAMB brochure will let you know these:
  • Is the course really available at Bayero?
  • What are the SSCE subjects for the course?
  • What subjects must I write in UTME for the course?

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The majority of admission seekers don’t gain admission, not because of lower marks in UTME or post UTME, but because of the wrong subject combination in SSCE or UTME. That’s why studying your JAMB brochure is the first thing.

In case you don't have a brochure to study or can't access the one online, I recommend using the latest tool designed by JAMB. It's called an eligibility status checker. This tool will let you know if you're qualified for the school and course you choose there. See the guide to use the eligibility status checker.

Candidates entering for Post UTME test

4. Register for and take Part in BUK Post UTME

BUK equally writes post-UTME.

If this changes, I’ll update this post definitely.

You should register for the university’s post-UTME and when scheduled, take part in their exams. Before you're qualified to register though, you must have not less than 180 in your UTME.

Accordingly, see the conditions for BUK post-UTME as stated by the school:

  • Prospective candidates must have sat for the UTME Examinations, must have applied for a course in Bayero University, Kano, and must have scored an aggregate to be determined by the University before they are deemed eligible in subjects relevant to the program applied for.
  • Prospective candidates must have obtained a minimum of Five (5) passes at Credit level in the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSCE or Equivalent) conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) or the National Examinations Council (NECO) in not more than two (2) sittings, including a pass at credit level in both English and Mathematics and other subjects relevant to the candidate’s chosen field of study. They would then be required to register and write a test (Post-UTME) which is conducted by the University.

Bayero then draws departmental cut-off marks that prospective applicants must meet or beat in the Post UTME. From experience, BUK decides on admission based on performance in UTME and Post UTME.

Admission to Bayero University through Direct Entry

This section doesn’t concern UTME candidates. So skip.

Direct entry applicants are those who had completed their BSC, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge A’level, Foundation, etc in a school and decided to proceed to the university to continue with their courses or related ones.

To seek admission to BUK as a direct entry applicant, you must also:

  • obtain the JAMB form. Yours is called the JAMB Direct entry form instead of the JAMB UTME form.
  • register at any CBT center nationwide
  • to register for Post DE; at the same time, UTME applicants are registering.

BUK accepts graduates of BSC, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, DIPLOMA, etc for her direct entry admission.

BUK also runs IJMB and Diploma programs on her campus and affiliate ones. These candidates are usually their favorites for direct entry spaces. They accept outsiders as well for their degree courses if you have the requirements. Below are what direct entry applicants should know before choosing BUK.

Obviously, before you can apply for BUK post-DE, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a minimum of lower credit for ND holders
  • Have Merit grade for Diploma
  • 9 points in NCE or IJMB

Kindly, visit, study, and understand the JAMB brochure for further information. I explained what you need to look for in the JAMB brochure here in full.

How BUK Distribute Admission Spaces Among Applicants

Like most federal universities (if not all), BUK usually bites more than it can chew.

BUK follows the 45, 35, 20 principles like their counterparts. By this, it means the university will give admission to 45% on merit, 35% based on catchment areas, and 20% based on less-educated states.

This doesn’t mean admission given to catchment areas and less educated states is not on merit. No!. It only means, the aggregate mark to be considered for (35%) catchment areas will be less than merit, and (20%) less-educated will be lesser. The school’s last year aggregate score page also details this.

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You can see BUK catchments areas here and see if you belong or maybe you can claim to belong in your JAMB UTME registration.

As said earlier, this content will be updated from time to time, you can just bookmark this page and revisit to see if I've included fresh information.

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  1. Does BUK accept second class lower for direct entry into medicine

    1. I don't think so. You may consider visiting the university's admission office for physical clarification however.

    2. sir pls i have a175 on my jamb score can i still gain admission into buk to stufy agriculture

  2. i score 200 in jamb but my weight average is 188 and i credited all my SSCE results is it possible for me to get admission into building for radiography

    1. I don't a good knowledge of the past weighted average used for your course by the university. I't hard for me to conclude. If you knew the cut-off mark, that is the best place to start with.

    2. But I hard that the cutoff mark was 180 maximums

    3. I meant the post UTME departmental cut-off mark.

      Check the difference in the post below.

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    Admission with influence or Connections..Please How possible is that...

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