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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Universities Accepting WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and GCE, How to Combine, How to Check etc

I have a series of questions regards SSCE results and their uses for admissions. Dedicated posts had been written to handle WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and NBAIS in the past. Consider reading those now or come back to them if you can't find answers to your question in the posts below.

If you have one or two questions about any of the above-mentioned O'level results, the collection below may be of help.

1. Can I combine two WAEC results?

Yes you can. Generally, all schools - universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, schools of nursing and college of health technologies accept this combination.

You can as well combine WAEC with GCE or any other type of exams including NECO, NABTEB etc.

2. Can I Use NECO to Enter University?

Yes, you can use NECO (be it NECO June/July or Nov/Dec) to gain admission into any university of your choice. Generally, all higher institutions accept NECO like WAEC, GCE and NABTEB. You can as well combine your NECO with another NECO or any other exams type to gain admission.

3. Can WAEC and GCE be combined? 

Yes, it can be combined. All schools accept a combination of WAEC and GCE

4. Can I use GCE Result to Enter University?

Yes, you can. Now WAEC GCE is two series – the Jan/Feb Series and the Aug/Sept. one. Both can be used to enter university, polytechnic or college of education. In fact, you can combine it with any other exams or internal exams such as WAEC May/June, NECO or NABTEB June/July.

5. How can I combine O’level results?

Note that only two sittings can be combined. Below are possible ways to combine results
  • WAEC May/June and WAEC May/June
  • WAEC May/June and WAEC GCE
  • NECO June/July and NECO June/July
  • NECO Nov/Dec (GCE) and NECO Nov/Dec (GCE)
  • NECO June/July and NECO NECO Nov/Dec (GCE)
  • NABTEB May/June and NABTEB May/June
  • NABTEB May/June and NABTEB Nov/Dec
  • NABTEB (any type) and NECO (any type)
  • NABTEB (any type) and WAEC (any type)

You will need 5 or 6 required subjects from the two combinations.

Some schools or colleges of nursing may not accept NABTEB. Some universities may not accept two sittings for certain courses like Medicine, Law, and Pharmacy etc. Hence, no combination allowed. Check JAMB brochure for that.

6. For my admission, can I use combined results?

Yes, you can. By combined results, it means two combinations of WAEC and WAEC, NECO and NECO, NABTEB and NABTEB, NABTEB and WAEC, NABTEB and NECO, NABTEB and GCE, WAEC and GCE, NECO and GCE, GCE and GCE etc.

Note that any combination is possible for almost all institutions. However, a school of nursing may not accept NABTEB or its combination with WAEC or NECO.

More so, you must produce at least 5 credit passes or 6 in the combination depending on the school's admission policy.

7. Is NABTEB result for May/June or November/December out?

Answer: This how to check if the result is out or not. Visit NABTEB result checking page or go straight to https://eworld.nabtebnigeria.org/

News will appear on the page to tell you if the result is out or not. if the news doesn't show up, enter your checking cards details to confirm. If the result loads, it is out. If not, check again later.

Mind you, checking it before the result is pout won't count the number of card usage. The number of card usage status when you're able to check.

8. How do I reprint NABTEB photocard or exams slip

Answer: For May/June candidates, visit https://mayjune.nabtebnigeria.org/ReprintPhotoCard.aspx and log in with your candidate’s registration/exams number. November/December candidates should visit https://novdec.nabtebnigeria.org/applyreprintphotocard.aspx and check with either their candidates’ numbers or registration card serial number

9. How I Can I Know if GCE Result is Out?

Yes. As soon as your WAEC GCE, NECO GCE, NABTEB or NBAIS GCE is out, you can check on the exams body’s website. That's the best way to know if the results are released and available for checking.

To know if the result has been officially released, check the exams body’s website as listed below. Then, follow the guides here to check.
  1. To check older NECO results up to 2018 June/July, click here.
  2. To check NECO results from 2018 Nov/Dec up to date, click here.
  3. To check WAEC May/June or Nov/Dec, Jan/Feb and Aug/Sept click here.
  4. To check NABTEB results – May/June or Nov/Dec, click here.
  5. To check NBAIS results – May/June or Nov/Dec. click here.

10. What are the universities accepting GCE results?

Answer: Generally, all Nigerian universities accept GCE results. You can use any of WAEC GCE, NECO GCE, NABTEB or NBAIS GCE result to seek admission into the following categories of universities in Nigeria.

All other schools including the polytechnics, colleges of education, innovative enterprises institutions, school of nursing and colleges of health technology etc. also accept GCE results.

More so, a combination of GCE result and any other internal exams is equally acceptable for admissions.

11. Is UNILAG accepting NECO Result for admission?

Yes, they do. The university accepts NECO for her admission. They as well accept calumniation of NECO with WAEC (GCE) or NABTEB (GCE).

12. Does UNILAG accept GCE result for admission?

Yes, they do. You can use WAEC GCE, NECO GCE, NABTEB GCE to gain admission into UNILAG.  And any possible combination is acceptable by the university.

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