Can I Combine Art, Science/Commercial Results Together?

I've got a series of questions about the combination of results. I've answered in different posts on this blog too. For examples:

However, very recently, questions, especially about combining Art result with Science or Commercial result with Science one has been coming forth.

Imagine an art or a commercial student who later developed an interest in science professions such as Nursing, Community Health, Medicine, Pharmacy, Computer Engineering, etc. He/she definitely would want to write another SSCE.

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Before then, he/she will want to prepare his or her mind as to whether it'll be possible for him or her to combine the art result with the science one.

Similarly, a Science student may want to be a lawyer after having a science-subject SSCE result. This may equally be the situation of commercial students who want to be architects or surveyors after finishing secondary school.

In this post, I will open your mind to what is possible, in this situation, and what is not possible.

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You Can Combine Both Art and Science Results or Commercial and Science Results

Students, when seeking admission, through JAMB or non-JAMB-based channels e.g. IJMB, JUPEB, Nursing, College of Health, part-time, etc., are allowed to combine results from different classes. With this, an art student can combine his or her art-subject SSCE result with another science-subject SSCE result and vice versa.

Similarly, a commercial student with subjects such as Economics, Financial Accounting, and Commerce can combine that with an art or science result for admission.

In short, no law or regulation is prohibiting a science, art, or commercial student from combining one result with another from different classes.

Hence, you're free. Use that for your admission on one condition though. That takes us to the next section.

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You Only Need 5 Relevant Subjects From The Combination

No matter your proposed course in any of the institutions below,

  1. universities
  2. polytechnics
  3. colleges of education
  4. colleges/schools of Nursing
  5. College of health technology
  6. innovation enterprise institutions
  7. etc.

... there are only 5 O'level (SSCE) subjects that will be required for admission

These 5 SSCE subjects are called "related" or "relevant" subjects. Once you have them, whether in WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, GCE, or NBAIS (where that is accepted), you're already qualified for admission.

Luckily, you can combine two results for nearly all courses in nearly all categories of schools listed above except for a few competitive courses (e.g. Law, Nursing in Universities, Medicine, Pharmacy, etc.) and for all courses in the University of Lagos.

Most importantly, where combine results are generally accepted, it doesn't matter if you combine art plus science, art plus commercial, or commercial plus science.

What matters for that school and the course you propose is the five relevant subjects.

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Case Study of Possible Combination of Art, Commercial, and Science Results

Yinka has some Art-subject SSCE results with credits in English, Literature, and Government.

She later studied and prepared for science subjects where she made Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Agric.

She wanted to attend a college of health to study Health Assistant or Laboratory Technology.

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For any of the two courses, she would only need:

  1. English, which she already has in her Art results and
  2. Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology (which she has in Science results.

With this, she is qualified to process the admission and if she passes the entrance exam and interview (if any) as well, will be offered admission without any hindrance.

Garba, a science student, after finishing secondary school with A1 in Chemistry and B2 in Mathematics wished to study Law.

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All he had to do was to study and prepare for Art subjects and made English, Literature, Government, and CRS/IRS/Hausa

For Law, he will pick:

  1. Mathematics (from the science result) and 
  2. English, Literature, Government, and CRS/IRS/Hausa (from the art result).

Any university offering Law and accepting a combination of two results will take this without question. It won't matter if they're from both science and art results.


If you've got two SSCE results, from two different classes, you don't have to worry about the combination as it's combinable for any course and school accepting two sittings or combined results.

What matters, in short, is the two results must have the required subjects with at least C6. With that in place, no institution has a law prohibiting combining results from different classes for its admission.

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