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No JAMB Novel Given? Get It Here for Free (Download)

Your JAMB CBT center didn't give you the Life Changer?

After completing your JAMB registration, you are supposed to be given the literature book for your English test. This novel is a regular item that every UTME candidate receives immediately after completing their registration at CBT centers or JAMB offices.

However, as of 2024, CBT centers and JAMB offices are no longer distributing the novel or reading books. Why is this the case? Will JAMB later ask students to return to CBT centers to collect it? Won't they set questions from the novel this year?

A student reported that he didn't receive the novel and was instructed to download it from the JAMB portal.

These and other related questions are being asked by applicants this year. In this post, I will provide information to guide you through the process.

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Don't Expect Novels from JAMB This Year or Henceforth

JAMB has indirectly made it clear that it will not be distributing novels or reading literature to applicants from now on. If you take note, the board did not include the text fee in the price of the JAMB PIN this year.

For candidates without mock exams, you pay N6,200, which includes:

  1. Application: ₦ 3,500.00
  2. CBT Centre Examination Service Charge: ₦ 1,500.00
  3. CBT Centre Registration Service Charge: ₦ 700.00
  4. Bank Charges/Commission: ₦ 500.00

For candidates with mock exams, you pay N7,700, which includes:

  1. Application: ₦ 3,500.00
  2. CBT Centre Examination Service Charge: ₦ 1,500.00
  3. Optional Mock: ₦ 1,500.00
  4. CBT Centre Registration Service Charge: ₦ 700.00
  5. Bank Charges/Commission: ₦ 500.00

In short, the price for the novel or the usual reading book is not included. So, don't expect the board to provide a text you didn't pay for or that wasn't sold to you.

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You Will Still Need the Novel - How to Get One

Not including the price of the novel or not giving one to you doesn't, mean you won't use the novel this year. In fact, you will as ever. Yes, the board requires you to use the novel as usual. Every applicant must prepare for their English test with the reading text and should expect questions from it.

To get a copy, use the JAMB QR code. As a replacement for not providing the novel, the board has embedded a QR code on your JAMB registration slip. If scanned, you'll have access to the reading text on your phone.

According to JAMB,

As part of the Board's effort to save candidates costs during the 2024 UTME/DE registration, the reading text has been embedded in the QR code on the registration slip. Kindly scan the code to access your text.

In order to do that, visit google play store to download QR Code scanner.

Another way to get the reading text is to download it directly from the board's official website. To do that, click the link:

You can also:

  1. Borrow from a friend who used one in the last JAMB
  2. Borrow from a brother or sister
  3. Download from the internet. Some websites and blogs may have a direct link to download the JAMB reading text for their readers.


While JAMB is no longer physically distributing novels or reading books to candidates as of 2024, there are still ways for applicants to access the necessary literature for their English tests. Candidates can use the QR code provided on their JAMB registration slips to access the text digitally, download the novel directly from JAMB's official website, or borrow a copy from friends or family members who have previously taken the exam. 

All candidates need to prepare with the designated reading text, as it will be a source for questions in the English test. Stay informed and make use of these available resources to ensure a successful examination experience.

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