NOUN: How We Admit HND, ND, NCE Applicants -

NOUN: How We Admit HND, ND, NCE Applicants

Are you trying to consider the National Open University of Nigeria? If you're an SSCE holder, your situation is straightforward regarding the number of years you will spend in the program. You'll spend 4 to 5 years depending on your course, just like in any other conventional university.

However, if you already hold a Higher National Diploma (HND), National Diploma (ND), or Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE), you know you won't spend that long or start from year 1. Yet, you don't know the exact years you'll spend or what level the university will admit you to - until you find out.

In this post, I will be discussing this issue as officially released. I will cover the level of admission and the possible number of years to spend more if you're admitted to NOUN through its direct entry (DE).

First, Who Can Apply For the National Open University Direct Entry (DE)?

While I must warn you not to mix-up direct admission with direct entry admission, admitting HND, ND, and NCE holders by NOUN benefits from both.

Direct admission is to gain admission without JAMB. As such, you won't need JAMB to gain admission into NOUN. Direct entry admission is for holders of a higher qualification than SSCE, such as HND, ND, NCE, and other diplomas.

In this context, I will be giving you official updates from the management of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) on the conditions of admitting holders of the above qualifications.

NOUN Will Admit HND Holders to 300-Level If Related Courses

If your entry course is directly related to or the same as the course you're proposing at the National Open University, the admission committee will offer you a 300-level admission.

According to the management,

The duration of admission of prospective HND holders into NOUN's degree program would be four (4) semesters for applicants whose prospective area of study is relevant to their entry qualifications.

For example, let's say you hold an HND in Computer Science and you apply for NOUN's Computer Science or Computer Engineering, you'll be offered admission for the 300-level entry.

Explaining this, the four semesters, here, means two years of further studies. This can equally be interpreted to mean from 300-level, which means you have to spend year-3 and year-4 to complete the NOUN degree.

However, it should be noted that where the degree course is a 5-year program, that means you have 3 years to spend more - hence, years 3, 4, and 5.

NOUN Will Admit HND Holders to 200-Level If Non-Related Courses

In continuation of admitting applicants with HND, if your entry course is different from the course proposed (which is allowed if interested), you should expect 200-level admission instead.

The order of admission is equally allowed by a few conventional universities. When you're chasing a course different from the course you studied for your ND/HND, NOUN will admit you to the 200-level.

Accordingly, the management states that,

The duration of the admission of prospective HND holders into NOUN's degree program would be six (6) semesters for applicants whose prospective areas of study are not relevant to their entry qualifications.

For example, if you hold an HND in Business Administration but now want to consider a NOUN degree in Journalism, you should look up to 200-level admission. Hence, you have 3 more years of study to bag your degree. For 5 years, you'll have 4 more years to earn the degree.

Still on HND: Lower/Upper Credit Will Give You 300-Level Admission

Having already established that a related course gives 300-level and a non-related course gives 200-level, NOUN doesn't discriminate between lower or upper credit in deciding whether you will be offered the right level accordingly.

So, if you have lower credit and you propose a related course, you'll still be offered admission into the 300-level. The same if you have upper credit. Let me add (unofficially) that even with distinction.

For those that chase non-related courses, it won't matter whether you have lower credit, or upper credit (even distinction), you'll still be offered 200-level admission.

ND Holders Seeking DE Admission Generally Spend 3 Years

Just like any conventional university, if you hold a National Diploma (ND) and seek direct entry admission, NOUN will admit you to the 200-level without special consideration for grades - lower credit, upper credit, or distinction. Hence, you'll spend 6 more semesters for a 4-year course. This is three (3) years in total!

NOTE: According to the management, OND holders seeking admission into a five-year program would also spend three (3) years.

By interpretation, for a course that is 5 years, ND applicants will be admitted to 300-level so that they can spend six (6) semesters too - making 3 more years just like those being admitted for a 4-year course stated above.

Admitted ND students, irrespective of the course, will spend three years. In other words, whether admitted to 200-level (for a 4-year course) or 300-level (for a 5-year course), you have just three years left to spend with NOUN to earn its corresponding course's degree.

Other NOUN Admission Policies That Affect HND, ND, and NCE Holders

Faculty of Management Sciences: all programs in the faculty would admit HND holders seeking admission into it.

Faculty of Social Sciences: the following programs in the faculty would be open for admission:

  1. HND Mass Communication
  2. HND Tourism
  3. HND Social Work
  4. HND Economics
  5. HND Public Admin
  6. HND Secretarial Administration report

Faculty of Sciences:
  1. HND Engineering could proceed to BSC Physics
  2. HND Computer Science could proceed to BSC Computer Science

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences: Also, holders of NU, NCE, HND, Bachelor Degree, and PCD in the following related areas of study may be admitted to 200-Level and 300-Level to study B. Agriculture and Post-graduate Diploma programs of the Faculty provided they possess the minimum entry requirements for B. Agriculture programs. The areas are:

  1. Biology/Chemistry
  2. Integrated Science/Chemistry
  3. Home Economics
  4. Food Nutrition and Dietetics
  5. Microbiology
  6. Biochemistry
  7. Environmental studies
  8. Agric. Engineering
  9. Post-Harvest Technology
  10. Economics/Mathematics

So, NOUN Doesn't Admit to 400-Level

A few NOUN admission seekers have contacted me in the past asking if NOUN is offering 400-level admission. It's quite unfortunate that some would even argue that they've seen some students being offered admission into 400level.

Well, the truth you're here to know is that NOUN doesn't and won't offer you or anybody, irrespective of your course, grade, or last institution, admission into 400-level.

As you can see so far, the post contains not only my personal experience but also research findings, especially from official documentation. And nowhere has the university stated that it offers admission into the 400-level.

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