Can I Change or Edit My JAMB Score/Result? -

Can I Change or Edit My JAMB Score/Result?

The case of Ejikeme Mmesoma might have forced you to be skeptical about the possibility of being able to change your UTME score by yourself or with external help. Mmesoma scored 249 but came out with a printout carrying 362. How did she achieve that?

If you want to fake your parents too, or your school or even JAMB, you may want to explore how to possibly change your JAMB score.

And if a friend just told you he or she had changed his or her score, you might want to ask if that's truly possible.

In this post, I will be showing you what is possible and what is not if you have a dilemma about changing of JAMB score or forging your result.

You Can't Edit or Change the JAMB Score or Forge the Result

Contrary to many people's interpretation that there are students like Mmesoma, who usually edit or change their score or forge UTME results, any change to the JAMB result is not possible from a student side or a JAMB's insider.

I've shed more light on what appears as if Mmesoma edited or forged the JAMB result in my post "Unraveling JAMB Result Forgery: Ejikeme Mmesoma's Case". The poor girl, to a large extent, was innocent.

The error could be traced back to JAMB and certain technical loopholes that give room to such a mess up. Even though the board wouldn't admit that publicly!

So if you think you can edit or forget your result, that won't be possible no matter how hard you try.

But People Upgrade Results To Higher Scores

That's another lie! I've read and heard from people who claimed they could help you change your UTME score from a lower mark to a higher one.

That's the handiwork of scammers. The fact that somebody claims that he is working at the JAMB office doesn't mean that's true. He will promise to give a better result if you pay for his service. He's simply but a scammer!

These anonymous people will collect your money, use computers to do some editing (which doesn't reflect in the JAMB database and at the school you want to process), and run away with your money.

I exposed them better in my post, "Can I Upgrade JAMB UTME 2023 Score to 320 and Above?" Take a moment to read and see their several tricks.

JAMB Can Add a Score Itself Though

It's not uncommon to see students who got additional marks from JAMB, itself. This happened in the past!

In the last few years, I've not recorded similar intentional upgrades from the board. With this, it's safe to say you may not see such again as it looks as if the board had got things (that forced it to be Father Xmas, back then) fixed from its end.

If it ever happens again, be rest assured that it's intentional from JAMB, not that someone within does that for you unofficially.


Who won't want to find a means to add more marks to his or her JAMB score? However, this is more a daydream than a reality. 

Don't fall prey to scammers and fraudsters. They can promise heaven and hell. They can only add to your problems.

If you score lower than your expectation, there are going-around. You can consider a less competitive course, you can change institutions, or you can try another alternative to gain admission without JAMB. Your choices are unlimited only if you know.

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