Can I Collect WAEC Certificate Without Going to School? -

Can I Collect WAEC Certificate Without Going to School?

WAEC Certificate/Original Result

A few candidates already knew that to collect their WAEC school candidates' exams, they have to go back to the schools where the exams were held.

The original results/certificates, which are expected to be available at different secondary schools that participated in the April/May of May/June series, within a year of the exams, are expected to be given to candidates physically by their exam officers or principals.

However, some candidates are seeking means to still collect their WAEC for-school candidates, internal, April/May, or May June series certificates, or original results without going back to their schools.

Of course, a few candidates will need other ways around this if they're no longer within the same communities or not closer. Some had done the exams long ago but there was an urgent need to use the original certificates or results.

Is there a way to get these WAEC certificates without going back to school?

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Can WAEC Original Results/Certificates Be Collected By a Proxy?

It's not officially allowed for a candidate to apply for or request his certificate by sending another person on his or her behalf.

However, this is not uncommon. Depending on the situation that warrants the collection of the certificates on behalf of the candidates, a school, using its decretion and following thorough procedures, can still issue the certificates on behalf of the students.

Even WAEC allows the WAEC private candidates' certificates to be collected by proxies if all terms are met. The body equally can send the certificates outside the country.

Hence, following similar ethics, it could be safe for an individual school to issue a candidate's certificate to another person on the former's behalf and with instructions.

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WAEC Gives An Official Method to Get Original Results/Certificates Without Going to Back Schools

The West African Examination Council (WAEC), after denying candidates the chance to get their original results or certificates without going back to schools, has finally launched a platform through which you can access the digital version of the certificate (softcopy), which is exactly as the hardcopy (the one sent to schools).

Through this online platform, you can as well pay for, download, and print the certificate, and share it with any organization.

Luckily, all years of exams and all types of exams (WAEC, May/June, and WAEC Nov/Dec) are available for accessing and printing. Candidates who wish to want the WAEC GCE Jan/Feb and Aug/Sept series should follow the guide in, "Request Original WAEC GCE Certificate/Result Online at"

To use this WAEC digital platform for WAEC May/June and WAEC GCE Nov/Dec, follow the steps below,

  1. Visit You can also access the same service on the android app (you can visit Play Store and search "WAEC Digital Certificate" or the iPhone app (visit the apple store and search "WAEC Digital Certificate".
  2. Next, create your account or click To fill out the form, take as appropriate "CANDIDATE" or "INSTITUTION". If created and sued for the first time, you can always come back and log in to the account to access the certificate again and again.
  3. At the registration page, be sure you fill in the correct names on your WAEC result, functional email, and phone number
  4. After hitting the SIGN-UP button, a code will be sent to the email supplied. It's called the "verification code". Log in to your email, copy the code and enter that in the verification box on the WAEC digital certificate portal.
  5. Once successfully verified, you get the confirmation notice for that.
  6. After this, log in to access your personal dashboard or click to log in.
  7. Now, fill in your information including the year of the exam, type of the exam (WAEC May/June or WAEC Nov/Dec), date of birth on the WAEC, and the exam number.
  8. If you can't remember your exam number, using the same page, you can receive the exam number before accessing the page.
  9. You will pay ₦7,500.00 for successfully accessing your digital WAEC certificate while the retrieval of the exam number will cost ₦3000 (if you'll need that).
  10. Up on the payment, you will see your digital certificate, as already noted, just like the paper certificate. You can then download, print (if you need the hard copy), or share with any organization that may demand that from you.

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