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18 Challenges You May Have As You're Set For UTME

Inadequate preparation, apparently, will lead to failure in exams. JAMB UTME is no exception. And except you're determined to give in to failure, you should have your ways of getting ready for the hurdles ahead.

However, no matter the level of your preparation, there are known challenges to watch out for, when preparing for JAMB and during the exam. Your knowledge of these concerns will help you to prepare with some possible ways out.

This is why I've compiled, from experience and research, a few challenges that any prospective JAMB UTME candidate may face while preparing for and during UTME.

As your exam draws closer, you may want to go through the following list and suggested solutions before you're a victim.

1. Time Management

One of the biggest challenges students face during the UTME is time management. The test is timed, and students have a limited amount of time to answer all the questions.

You can improve your time management skills by practicing taking timed tests before the actual UTME. You should also learn to allocate time wisely, spending more time on questions you are sure of and leaving more time for difficult questions.

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2. Exam Anxiety

Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, is a high-stakes exam that can create anxiety for many students. Many students experience anxiety during exams, which can lead to poor performance.

You can reduce anxiety by practicing relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and positive self-talk. It's also essential to get adequate rest the night before the exam and eat a healthy breakfast to boost energy levels.

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3. Lack of Preparation

Some students may not have adequately prepared for the UTME, which can result in poor performance.

The key to success in the UTME is adequate preparation. You should study consistently and practice past questions to get an idea of the type of questions you will encounter during the exam. Otherwise, you may want to check, "How to Pass JAMB Without Enough Studying/Reading".

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4. Poor Test-Taking Skills

Some students may not have developed the necessary test-taking skills, such as reading and understanding instructions, pacing themselves, and eliminating incorrect answers.

You can develop test-taking skills by practicing past questions, studying test-taking strategies, and seeking guidance from teachers, tutors, or mentors.

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5. Technical Glitches

Technical issues such as power outages, computer malfunctions, and slow internet connectivity can hinder a student's performance.

You should arrive early at the exam center to allow for any technical issues to be resolved. You should also make sure you're familiar with the computer-based testing platform and seek help from invigilators if necessary.

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6. Language Barrier

You may face challenges due to language barriers, especially if the exam is in a language you are not fluent in.

You can improve your language skills by practicing reading and writing in the language of the exam. You can also seek help from teachers or tutors who are fluent in the language.

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7. Distractions

External distractions such as noise, movement, or discomfort can affect a student's concentration and reading.

You can choose a quiet and comfortable study environment that minimizes distractions. You should also practice meditation or other relaxation techniques to help you focus during reading and exams.

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8. Lack of Confidence

You may lack confidence in your ability to pass the exam, which can affect your performance.

You can boost your confidence by setting achievable goals, studying consistently, and practicing positive affirmations. You should also seek support from family, friends, or mentors who can provide encouragement and motivation.

9. Misreading or Misinterpreting Questions

Some students may misread or misinterpret exam questions, leading to incorrect answers.

You should take the time to read and understand each question carefully. You can highlight important keywords to help you focus on what the question is asking.

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10. Physical Discomfort

Sitting for several hours during the UTME can lead to physical discomforts, such as back pain, neck pain, or eye strain.

You can take breaks during the exam to stretch, relax your eyes, and improve blood circulation. You can also practice good posture and use ergonomic equipment, such as a comfortable chair or a computer screen with proper lighting and resolution.

11. Inadequate Exam Center Facilities

Some exam centers may have inadequate facilities, such as poor ventilation, insufficient lighting, or uncomfortable chairs.

You should report any issues to the invigilators or exam officials, who can take appropriate action to address the situation.

12. Test Anxiety Due to External Pressure

You may feel external pressure, such as parental expectations, peer competition, or societal standards, which can contribute to test anxiety.

You can communicate your concerns and needs to your parents or guardians and seek support from them. You can also prioritize your personal goals and values, rather than external expectations, and focus on your strengths and achievements.

13. Lack of Familiarity with the Exam Format

Some students may not be familiar with the exam format or structure, which can lead to confusion or mistakes during the exam.

You can study the exam format and structure beforehand, using online resources, past questions, or exam guides. You can also seek guidance from your teachers or tutors, who can provide tips and strategies for success.

14. Difficulty in Managing Exam Pressure

The UTME is a high-pressure exam that can cause stress and anxiety for some students, which can affect their performance.

You can manage exam pressure by practicing relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing and mindfulness. You can also set realistic expectations for yourself and focus on your strengths and abilities.

15. Lack of Focus and Concentration

Lack of focus and concentration can lead to mistakes and poor performance in your preparation for  UTME.

You can improve your focus and concentration by practicing meditation or other mindfulness techniques. You can also eliminate distractions, such as mobile phones or social media when preparing for the exam.

16. Difficulty in Balancing Multiple Subjects

The UTME covers multiple subjects, which can be challenging for some students to balance and prepare adequately.

You can create a study schedule that allocates sufficient time for each subject and prioritize their weak areas. You can also seek help from their teachers or tutors, who can provide additional resources and support.

17. Lack of Sleep

Inadequate sleep can affect a student's cognitive function, memory, and performance during the UTME.

You should aim to get sufficient sleep, ideally 7-8 hours per night, before the exam. You can also practice good sleep hygiene, such as avoiding caffeine or electronic devices before bedtime.

18. Insufficient Study Resources

Some students may have limited access to study resources, such as textbooks, past questions, or online materials.

You can explore various study resources, such as educational apps/programs, open educational resources (OERs), free online courses, or study groups with peers. You can also approach teachers or tutors for additional guidance and support.


UTME can present multiple challenges for students, such as technical glitches, limited time, and insufficient study resources. However, by using the above solutions and adopting a growth mindset, students can overcome these challenges and perform their best in the exam. It's crucial for students to approach the UTME with a positive attitude, adequate preparation, and a willingness to learn and improve.

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