How To Pass Exams Of School of Nursing/College of Health -

How To Pass Exams Of School of Nursing/College of Health

Passing the entrance exams of the schools and colleges of Nursing is one of the three main requirements to gain admission into institutions that produce registered nurses and midwives.

You're qualified to seek admission into any schools or colleges of Nursing and midwifery if you are 16 or above and you have the five required subjects; namely English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics

Filling out the usual online form and writing the exam is not enough, you must pass outstandingly.

And since no school and college of Nursing is using online screening methods only to admit applicants i.e. none is admitting without writing an exam/test, prospective admission seekers should prepare for usually computer-based multiple choice questions, and for very few schools, the paper and pencil exams (e.g. School of Nursing, Asubiaro, Osogbo).

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Now that you're aware that the exam is certainly a must before you can be admitted, passing it is your priority just like any other aspirant.

In this post, I will be taking you through the "system" to be put in place to achieve your best possible score in the entrance exam of any school of nursing in Nigeria.

This guide is a product of experiences shared by candidates who had done and passed schools/colleges of nursing exams in the past together with personal experiences usually being shared to guide aspirants.

Don't Let The Goal Of Passing School of Nursing Distract You

1 out of 50 candidates will cross the cut-off mark of several schools of Nursing (my view). Why?

Admission seekers are distracted by the dream of becoming nurses, wearing uniforms, being proud of themselves as student nurses, etc.

As a result, they forget completely that passing the exams and interviews comes before they can be admitted in the first place.

Don't make the same mistake. To gain admission and become a nurse, you have to start by just focusing on passing the exams.

To achieve this, you have to put some systems in place. Achieving a goal requires following certain processes. It's the processes that must be committed to for now.

If an athlete will win an Olympic medal, the medal though is the goal, just like other competing athletes. Yet, the one that will win is he who has the right system in place and follows the processes to detail. 

Such a potential winner only focuses on eating the right food and supplements. He does his exercise regularly and rightly. He has the best coach and trainer. He gets the fitted boats and jersey etc.

All these are part of a working system. Once done well, he will emerge the winner and have his target "the medal".

However, if all he wants is to win a medal without putting his best system and efforts to follow through that process, he will win nothing and it won't matter whether he truly wants the medal or not.

Everybody wants to go to a school of nursing. However, none of these schools of nursing will admit more than usually 100 or less. Even if they admit more, they're will send some students home before the end of year 1 using the weeding exams just to achieve the 99/100 students they're allowed to admit.

It's only the right system and processes that will make you achieve your dream of becoming a nurse. You won't only succeed at the entrance exam, but you'll do excellently well in the weeding test if you get your system right.

Hence, for the rest of this post, I'll be sharing with you the best possible system and processes to put in place to pass a school of nursing entrance exams and weeding test.

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Steps to Prepare For and Pass School of Nursing Entrance Exams

1. Get Past Questions Pack If Available

Getting the past questions and answers pack of your proposed school of nursing is one of the best shots if you intend to do well in its entrance test.

Most schools of nursing will usually repeat their past questions in the new exams. Though questions may not be lifted year after year, a few questions here and there may be merged to form a new set of questions for the current year.

If you can lay your hand on an authentic pack such as that of the School of Nursing Asubiaro Osogbo Past Questions and Answers, and you can study it to heart, you're halfway to the school.

Talking of studying to the heart, you should not only be a book warmer, but you must also be the type that will cover the past questions from page one to the last page. You should be sure you get all the questions and their answers before dropping the pack and being confident in yourself. I recommend following the style in the post, "How to Study Past Questions To Score Higher".

Most students will have these packs, yet if repeated, will still fail because then they will get confused with the questions because they never study by heart.

Don't make sure mistakes! Be a friend to the past questions to the extent that you can answer any of the past questions without reading the options. At this level, you can easily remember the questions and their answers if ever repeated.

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2. Cover Your Texts For BCPEM

Before now, if you must be fit for Nursing, as a profession, you should be a student who proudly owns at least a textbook on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, and Mathematics.

In preparing for the entrance exams, you should get all these texts together and make them your closest friends at this point in time. You'll need them here than they will need you.

Of course, some schools of Nursing will only test you mainly on Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. And unless you're sure the school will not be testing you on not more than these four subjects, it'll be wise to add Mathematics to your preparation.

In other words, if you already study the past questions, you should by now have a clear knowledge of the number of subjects students will be tested in. However, without past questions or any hint about the subject combination, kindly get yourself ready with all five subjects.

3. Get Familiar With Using Computer For Exams

As more schools are adopting the use of computers for exams, candidates seeking admission into any school of nursing should equally be ready to walk up this ladder using the computer-based test.

If you're already familiar with CBT, probably in the JAMB UTME or any other exams, you may not have to do any special computer-use preparation. CBT exams are not different across the board. Only the questions to be tested on do change. This is why I've prepared a comprehensive guide to help you study on you in my post, "How to Train Yourself for CBT (UTME and Other Exams)".

And since you're going to be tested with objective questions, no need to expect to write anything during the exams. In other words, the questions will all be multiple choices i.e. with answer options A- D(E).

Don't be too confident that you may not need to learn using a computer for exams or that you can easily adapt to the system when you enter the exam. That may waste your time and fail you.

Looking for help?  A café or business center around you can help you learn this fast if you don't have your own computer. You don't have to necessarily use the school of nursing past questions software to practice, with just any set of questions, you'll learn how to use a mouse or touchpad to get yourself through when the time comes.

4. Group Discussion Will Help

If you're not familiar with the concept of "group discussion", here you have it. This is a quick method to study with peers.

If you can find other admission seekers, seeking admission to the same school of nursing, it will go a long way if you can study together.

During your studying session, you can be asking one another questions to know if you truly knew what you think you've known.

I've met with students who thought they know something correctly but during a discussion session, with questions posed to them, they realized they had to study more.

Group discussion has been known to to be helping students spot their weaknesses when they think they're better.

Even if your friends are not writing the same exams as you, you can invite them to be of help at this important time.

5. Attend Extensive Extra Lessons

One of the usual and old methods to be used in preparing for the entrance exams of any school, including the schools of nursing, is to attend extra moral lessons.

Depending on the availability of tutorial centers in your community, it'll be wise for you to find a reliable center, enroll, and learn.

Most lessons won't teach you anything newer than what you've already covered in secondary schools. And of course, you don't need more than that to pass the school of nursing exams. However, a lesson that regularly tests you, monitors your progress in learning and institutes discipline such that you don't lose focus on why you're there will be the best to join.

Some tutorial centers are only after your money rather than your achievement of the proposed exams. Get a center that means business.

Similarly to that, you can engage the service of some tutors who can offer private classes. In a one-on-one class, you may do better than being among a dozen other students especially if you're an introvert.

Speaking with some best-known undergraduates, on break, around you, or corpers serving within your community may be the right shot. 

6. Read the Most Recent News on Health

It's not uncommon to see schools of Nursing setting general questions for their aspirants. These schools of nursing will include a few current affairs in their questions together with the usual English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

You should prepare for this as well. Especially if you don't have past questions to be sure of where their questions usually come from.

But if you already have the past questions, and no current affairs questions, there is no chance the school will include that in this year's test too.

However, experience has shown that general papers and current affairs questions by the schools of nursing will test candidates on health-related issues currently in the state, country, or world at large.

For example, schools of nursing such as OAUTHC, have in the past set current affairs or general papers on Lassa fever, Ebola, COVID-19, etc. when those pandemics and epidemics were seriously affecting people.

Knowing about the schools of nursing may also win you a few marks if they set questions about the school location, year of establishment, the management, moto, etc.


If you truly want to pass the entrance exam of your proposed school of nursing or College of Heath Technology, you need more than the focus on becoming a nurse. You will need to put some working processes in place which will include using the past questions, textbooks, group discussions, and lessons, and studying health-related current affairs.

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