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What to Take Along For JAMB Mock

If you're one of the candidates who registered for the JAMB mock, you may want to know a list of items or documents to take along to the JAMB exam hall. The mock exam comes before the UTME, and it's essentially no different from what to expect in the main exam (i.e., UTME). So, if you're attempting this for the first time, you will need to ensure you arrive at your center with the correct items.

In this post, I will be providing you with a list of what you're expected to take along to your center.

The Main Requirement to Sit For JAMB Mock Is The Exam Slip

A few days or weeks before the scheduled mock, JAMB will announce that candidates should visit the official board's portal to reprint the exam slip for the mock.

As such, this is the main requirement expected with you on the exam date. You won't need the JAMB registration slip there; you won't need a calculator (your computer already has that); you won't need anything other than the mock slip.

On the exam slip will be your mock center's name, exam number, seat number, and time of the exam. This slip will be checked together with your biometrics (i.e., fingerprint and face) before you'll be allowed to enter or write the exam.

Don't Go With Certain Items

This post wouldn't be complete if I didn't warn you against taking some items to the mock hall. Of course, this is equally applicable to the main UTME. Below is the list of items prohibited during the mock session:

  1. Parents, guardians, and relatives
  2. Watches
  3. Pens or biros
  4. Mobile phones or similar electronic devices
  5. Spy reading glasses
  6. Calculators
  7. Hard disks or similar storage devices
  8. Books or any reading material
  9. Cameras
  10. Recorders
  11. Microphones
  12. Earpieces
  13. Ink or pen readers
  14. Smart lenses
  15. Smart rings or jewelry
  16. Smart buttons
  17. Bluetooth devices
  18. Keyholders
  19. Erasers
  20. ATM Cards (Automated Teller Machine cards)
  21. Wallets or Purses
  22. Mathematical sets
  23. Head warmers
  24. Face masks


Preparing for the JAMB mock exam requires careful consideration of what to bring and what to leave behind. The most crucial item is your exam slip, which, along with a valid ID, pencil/eraser, face mask, water, and some money, constitutes the essentials for exam day.

It's equally important to heed the list of prohibited items, including electronic devices, calculators, and personal belongings, to avoid any complications. 

Adhering to these guidelines ensures a smooth experience, allowing you to focus entirely on performing your best in the mock exam, setting a solid foundation for the main UTME.

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