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Can I Change UTME PIN to DE and Vice Versa?

You Can Change UTME (PIN) to DE (PIN) Within Reasonable Time
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When you mistakenly paid for a DE form instead of UTME, what could you do? If, in your own case, you bought a UTME PIN instead of a Direct Entry PIN, what was the next thing to do?

Well, the first thought should be, will it be possible to change the PIN from UTME to DE or DE to UTME? You must be looking for means to swap the form for each other. Is this possible?

The answer is a complex one. For a certain case, it’s possible. For the other, you may need to forgo it and buy the correct PIN.

Let me explain.

You Can't Sell Your UTME/DE PIN to Another Candidate Unless ...

It's possible to think that if you don't need the PIN you bought again, you can just sell it to someone who needs it. I mean, you may think you can sell a PIN you bought by mistake to the right candidate and use the money to buy the correct PIN for yourself.

This is NOT possible.

JAMB PIN - be it UTME or DE is tied to the individual candidate whose name was tied to the JAMB profile code. Do you remember the JAMB confirmation code you got through 55019? It's your name that was used to get that code. It's the same code used to buy the PIN. Hence, you can't sell your PIN to another candidate.

You Can Register UTME and Upgrade to DE Instead

If you're a DE candidate who mistakenly bought a UTME PIN, you can just continue registering for UTME. And after the registration or the exams, you can go to the nearest JAMB office to upgrade your UTME registration to DE.

This is clearly possible due to the new opportunity JAMB opens to candidates who register for UTME but still have NCE, ND, HND, BSC, IJMB, JUPEB, etc that they can obtain a Direct Entry form with. 

And since it's prohibited to obtain and register UTME and DE together in the same admission year, this set of candidates are allowed to upgrade UTME to DE. 

Doing this will, of course, cancel your UTME application and admission processes and give you a chance to pursue 200 level instead - through DE. 

Meanwhile, converting students may not need to write UTME in the first place before they upgrade.

You Can Change UTME (PIN) to DE (PIN) Within Reasonable Time

I’ve recently treated a case of a candidate who vended a DE PIN by error instead of UTME PIN. The platform used to buy the form was Quickteller.

We contacted Quickteller on this. Their support line is They got back a few hours later to swap the DE PIN to UTME.

Why was this possible?

The only condition that favored the poor candidate was; he had not taken the PIN to a CBT centre for registration before he noticed the mixup. Had he done that, it could be impossible.

However, there is no way to assure you this will be possible for you if you bought the PIN from any other merchant other than the Quickteller.

You Can’t Swap the PINs If Already Activated

A candidate bought his JAMB UTME PIN through Remita on the first day of the sales of JAMB form.

It’s like Remita was having issues within the first few days. Hence, the guy was given UTME PIN instead of DE one he paid for.

After contacting Remita for swapping, they agreed to do that. Unfortunately, it didn’t work in the end.


The guy had already taken the PIN to a CBT centre. The attendant has already entered the PIN for him as a DE applicant before they realized the PIN belonged to UTME.

As a result, the PIN has already been activated. Once activated, the PIN couldn’t be swapped.

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  1. I used my profile code to get a utme code instead of DE,I've decided to forgo it and get a DE pin but it seem I can't purchase two pins with thesame profile code,and I can't get a new profile code with my NIN..please what do I do

    1. Sorry about the mix-up.

      I advise you register for UTME anyway. After the exams, you can visit JAMB office to convert UTME to DE.

      Read more through the link below.

  2. I used my profile code to get a DE PIN instead of UTME PIN,I've decided to forgo it and get a UTME pin but it seem I can't purchase two pins with thesame profile code,and I can't get a new profile code with my NIN..please what do I do

    1. Visit the nearest JAMB office. They will reset your profile in order to be able to buy a new PIN.

    2. Please can Jamb do an upgrade before they write the exams or must it be after?

    3. It will be after. They have lots at hand right now.

  3. Please I need your help to swap the utme to DE

    1. No way to do that.

      Read the post below

      However, you can upgrade UTME to DE.

  4. Can I convert DE PIN to time
    Since I have already bought DE PIN, with a profile code.. Can I buy another UTME PIN with that profile code again

  5. I bought a UTME pin for one of customer on Remita, they send me the receipt and promise to send the pin through Sms but my customer didint receive the sms, when it took too long, i refund the money to her thinking I will tell remita to refund the money.
    My customer went to a cbt centre to purchase the pin but they too purchase the pin through remita and now they too are facing the same issue as i did but they are not refunding the money.
    Now is possible for my customer to get two codes from remita on her name.
    Can I sell it to someone else if she gets the code?

    1. You can sell the PIN belonging to one profile to another candidate.

      Remita won't refund the money.

      If you can send the details of your payment to remita on [email protected], they will send both SMS and email containing the PINS.

      However, she can only use one of the PINS.

  6. How can I swap my DE PIN to UTME PIN ? Because I registered for DE but jamb did recognize my previous Reg No.of 2018, so I was advice to now apply for UTME and wrire d exam so that later o will convert it to DE

    1. That will be next year. You don't need changing PIN. By next year, buy UTME, register for that. Then, after the exams, convert to DE.

  7. Pls i need help
    I went to bank to get bank draft for my D.e mistakenly day gave me utme on which I don't no and I put in for de when I get to my registration center I was not told is utme
    On top my form I wrote d.e
    D man register me for utme yet nobody is telling I was was given utme
    D man just tell me that m going to see a Tex massage to come back I was wondering
    A week after I don't see any Tex massage and I went back to complain
    I was told that jamb as finish exams that I missed it I said how come
    M not jambit that I put in for DE not utme
    It was that day I was told is utme registration day do for me I was confused
    Now it as happened I went to jamb office to complain that I won't to convert to D E
    Day told me it was not possible that I already miss d jamb exam
    Pls all this it wasn't my fault what can I do pls help me I don't want to miss dis year admission

    1. Sorry about the situation. JAMB has told the final say. There is nothing you can do now other than to wait till next year and do things rightly.

      If you must leave home this year, you can try this daily part-time opportunity by the Federal University of Oye Ekiti. You won't need DE form to start.


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