How to Check JAMB Mock Results on Your Phone -

How to Check JAMB Mock Results on Your Phone

If you've taken the JAMB mock exam, the next step is to check your result. Just like the main UTME, the methods to check the mock results are not far apart. You just have to choose the best method for you, and voila, you'll see your results.

In this post, I will share three methods to check your JAMB result. One of these methods will consistently be available to you, so if one platform isn't working well, another will surely deliver the results correctly.

1. Use the SMS Method to Check Mock Result

Candidates who participated in the Mock-UTME can now check their results by sending MOCKRESULT to 55019/66019 through the same phone number used for registration. To do that,

  1. Make sure you have the SIM used for JAMB profile code on your phone
  2. Make sure you have at least N50 as the balance on your line account
  3. open the SMS app on your phone
  4. In the recipient's phone number, type 55019/66019
  5. In the text message box, type "MOCKRESULT". It's better typed in CAPPITAL letters
  6. Then, send.

2. Use JAMB Portal to Check Mock Result

The board has provided a link directly on its official page, so with your phone or any other device connected to the internet, follow the steps below to check your mock result:

  1. Visit the JAMB Website: Open your phone's web browser and go to the JAMB e-facility portal at
  2. Here, locate the link that says "Check mock result."
  3. Click the link. It will open a box to enter your JAMB registration number, phone, or email used to register for JAMB.
  4. Enter that and click "check mock result."

NOTE: If you won't get the navigation right on the board's portal, you can use the service of a local cyber café round you to check and print your mock result.

Alternatively, if you've already linked an email to your JAMB portal during the JAMB registration,

  1. Visit the e-facility: Visit
  2. Login to Your Profile: Use your email address and password to log in to your JAMB profile.
  3. Navigate to the Mock Result: Once logged in, look for a link or button labeled "Print Mock Examination Slip".
  4. View Your Mock Results: Clicking the link above should display your Mock Examination result. You will see your scores across the different subjects you were tested on.

3. Use JAMB Mobile App to Check Mock Result

  1. Download the JAMB Mobile App: If available, download the official JAMB mobile application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. Login: Open the app and log in with your JAMB profile details, e.g., the email used and the password (received) during the JAMB registration. If you haven't linked an email to the JAMB portal, you may need to do that at the nearest CBT center first.
  3. Access Mock Results: Look for the option to check Mock Examination results within the app and follow the prompts to view your scores.


  1. Ensure Internet Connectivity: Make sure your phone is connected to the internet before attempting to check your results.
  2. Have Your Details Ready: Your JAMB Registration Number or the email address used in registering for JAMB is crucial for logging in to view your results.
  3. Check for Updates: JAMB's procedures can change, so it's a good idea to visit the JAMB official website or contact their customer service for the most current information.

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