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Can a Corper Be Posted Back to His State of Origin?

For once, I've cleared the air about being posted to any state the corps so wishes. There, I said, NYSC reserved the right to post a prospective corps member to any state across the nation.

Yet, the norm is that the NYSC will, in most cases, post corpers that other than their state of origin or that of the higher institution attended.

In other words, we've observed, in the past, that NYSC wouldn't just post you to your state of origin or that of the university or polytechnic you graduated from.

But when you hear that some corpers may still be posted to their states of origin, you can be thrown into some sort of confusion.

This is why I'm writing this post, first to tell you what is real in this situation and to give you some cases I've witnessed in the past as an accredited café for NYSC and an education consultant.

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NYSC Won't Like to Post You To Your State Of Origin

As already noted, it's not in the custom of the corps to post members of the service to their states of origin.

NYSC was originally established to integrate the culture and the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Hence, the norm is to post corpers outside their states of origin and usually outside their familiar cultures and people.

With this, it's safe to say that after registering for NYSC, without further internal processing or influence, NYSC will not automatically post you to your state of origin. Don't expect it by luck!

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You Can Influence Being Posted To Your State Of Origin

Speaking of "by luck", it won't happen. But "by design", it's sure if you're rightly connected.

I've seen cases of corpers who were posted to their states of origin or that of their higher institutions. These set of corpers, if asked, will tell you it's pulling, influence or connection.

Experience has shown four methods that may help you get posted to your state of origin or any state, at all.

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1. Get Posted/Redeployed on Marriage Ground

Though only for the married female corpers, you can register your NYSC on this ground and be posted to the state of your husband. This will be a direct posting to your state of origin if you and your husband share the same state.

Even if you don't share the same state, if your husband resides or works within your state, you'll definitely be posted in the state of his work.

You can be posted directly if you file in as a married PCM during the registration. If you register as single here, you can file in for that after being deployed to any state so they can reply to your state.

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2. Get Posted/Redeployed on Health Ground

The second ground through which NYSC can post you to your state of origin is if you file for posting directly during the registration or relocation after you're posted to any other state. To be granted, your medical report will be addressing the corps to post you to the state where the claimed hospital/medical officer is closer for attention and care.

In most cases, they will post you or grant you relocation to your state of origin or the closest state possible to that.

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3. JAMB State of Origin May Favors

NYSC system is only able to know your state of origin, just like the date of birth, through the state of origin exported from your JAMB or regularization registration. If the state on JAMB is originally wrong or not your own state of origin, when being posted, the system may send you to your own state of origin.

For example, you're from Kwara State but during your JAMB registration, you filled in Osun State. This Osun State was the one exported by the NYSC system.

During the posting, the system will usually send Osun students to Kwara State. If you're lucky, you can be one of the "Osun" graduates that will be sent to Kwara.

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4. Spend Money For Relocation


We both know if you can spend rightly, you can be posted to any state you care for. It may not be official, but it's happening. People pay to be posted to Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. They call it "straight posting".

If they can pay to be posted to any of these states, you can pay, for straight posting to your state of origin too.

This post is not meant to connect you with an official that will give you a helping hand on this, if you do your homework, speaking to prospective or past corpers, they may connect you with the right person. 

Warning here though! Beware of scammers. They're everywhere!


It's not uncommon to be posted to your state of origin for NYSC. However, it's never automatic. If you must seek direct posting to your state of origin, a few strategies, are already covered here to be of help.

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