SSCE Result Not Complete, Won't It Affect NYSC? -

SSCE Result Not Complete, Won't It Affect NYSC?

Very recently, NYSC has included SSCE result as one of the required credentials to be brought to camp by every prospective corps member. However, this development has called for asking a series of questions.

One such question is that which emanates from graduates who have one or two deficiencies in their O'level results. This set of graduates wants to know if a deficiency or so can have an effect on their camping or not.

For example, Joy gained admission with D7 in Mathematics. Though to some schools/courses, it's required for admission, for hers, it's not. Now, going to camp with the same result, won't that backfire?

Similarly, Sola gained admission with one result, but going to camp, he decided to go with another, though both belonged to him. Wouldn't the officials be suspective and send him off the camp?

What of Gaba who was already in the 200 level before making his complete SSCE result? Won't that be a problem or call for dismissal from the camp and/or NYSC?

In this post, I will be answering any of these issues and related concerns.

NYSC Is Only Interested in Seeing Your Result Not The Year You Made It

If the year of your result is in any way in disagreement with the year of graduation/mobilization, it's not NYSC's business.

The corps only want to be sure that a graduate is actually a graduate not because he already has BSC or HND but because he equally had the right SSCE result on which that higher award is placed.

Hence, if you made the result while you're already in school or close to the period of your graduation, you shouldn't worry.

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NYSC Won't Be Interested in SSCE Grades At Camp

NYSC is not in charge of the matriculation and admission of students in Nigeria. JAMB and schools decide that.

Once the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) together with your school had okayed your results when admitting you, you can always tender the same result for anything that has to do with your studies or career without any hindrances.

It won't matter if you have F9 in Physics or D7 in Biology, if your school and JAMB have offered you admission, it's on the term that such a school and the board have stated in the official JAMB brochure and school's admission requirement.

Hence, you merit your admission without further questioning.

However, the corps is not interested in any graduate's result grades (even the higher institutions' grades). They won't check that because they don't need it. They only want to be sure that you wrote at least one of NECO, WAEC, GCE, NABTEB, or NBAIS before being admitted or graduating.

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Although Names on SSCE Results Must Tally With Other Credentials

Where you may have issues with your O'level results, during NYSC documentation is if the names on it don't align with the names on your related documents such as higher institution's certificate, statement of result, school ID card, etc.

On different occasions, the corps has warned intending corpers to be sure that their names and other related information align across all papers.

While warning prospective corps members, the official has stated that there shouldn't be any disparity of names on your WAEC and that of your NYSC dashboard.

In case of such discrepancies, presenting an old court affidavit for a name difference on the SSCE result may be tenable even though the acceptance of such can be relative. That is, some camps can be motherly about this while a few may be insisting on the alignment of names.

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If your SSCE result is yours, take it to the NYSC camp. It won't matter whether the result is not complete (in grades), or it doesn't include certain subjects. What the corps cares about is if it belongs to you and bears your name.

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  1. Please I need to confirm something
    I used my olevel that I sat for to apply for nd in my school but the admission was on concession till I obtained a result from neco(bought) which I used to collect my nd result and for my hnd
    It’s the same name
    Will I have a problem with it during nysc ?


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