Can I Gain Admission Into UNILAG Without JAMB? -

Can I Gain Admission Into UNILAG Without JAMB?

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For most full-time undergraduate courses at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), JAMB is a mandatory requirement, yet there are alternative pathways to admission without facing JAMB, such as the Foundation Program (JUPEB), Distance Learning Program, ICE Evening/Part-Time Program, and Institute of Maritime Studies Certificate Program, each requiring dedication and hard work.

Hey there! So, you're wondering if you can get into the University of Lagos (UNILAG) without dealing with the infamous JAMB? 

Well, the answer is both YES and NO! Let's dive into this and explore some options that can help you achieve your dreams.

For The "NO", Full-Time Undergraduate Courses Require JAMB

First things first, for all full-time courses at UNILAG, JAMB is indeed a must. It's like the gatekeeper to your undergraduate journey. But hey, don't panic just yet! There are alternative routes to UNILAG that don't involve tackling the JAMB monster.

Unfortunately, most courses are only available to candidates who are ready to face and win JAMB. Except for the foundation program that will lead to the full-time course without JAMB, any other option may limit you to courses. Except it's a full-time program, you may not be able to do courses such as Law, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Engineering, etc.

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Three Main JAMB-Free Means to Gain Admission into UNILAG

If you're not for such courses, you find you way through UNILAG with alternative means to be covered below.

1. Foundation Program (JUPEB)

Let's talk about the Foundation program, also known as JUPEB (Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board). This program is designed for students who want a chance to prove themselves academically and possibly secure direct entry into the second year of a degree program

JUPEB gives you the opportunity to attend classes and take exams in subjects relevant to your chosen field of study. If you perform well in JUPEB, you can gain admission to UNILAG without the JAMB hurdle.

Luckily, JUPEB gives you a 200-level admission into a full-time course too. You can put in for and be admitted into any course that a counter using JAMB will have the opportunity to. You're only better off with the second-year offer.

Check if the UNILAG JUPEB program is already on sale if you want to consider this alternative.

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2. Distance Learning Program

Now, let's get a bit "distance-y." UNILAG offers a Distance Learning Program for those who can't commit to full-time on-campus studies due to various reasons – be it work, family, or personal commitments.

The Distance Learning Program is a flexible option, and the good news is that you won't need to sit for JAMB to enroll. It's perfect if you prefer a bit more independence in your learning journey. It's safe to call this a part-time program too. 

UNILAG understands that life can be unpredictable, and not everyone can commit to full-time education. With this Part-Time Program, you can attend classes online and a few times on campus. And yes, you got it right – no need to face JAMB's wrath!

Prefer this option? Check if the form is already on sale.

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3. ICE Evening/Part-Time Program

If you fancy the idea of alternating between studying and working, then the ICE (Institute of Continuing Education) Sandwich Program might just be your cup of tea.

This program allows you to pursue your studies during long vacations (especially for teachers), so you can have the best of both worlds. And guess what? You don't need to wrestle with JAMB for this either!

Are you for this program, check if the form is on now and obtain it. You will have more courses available than in the distance learning option.

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4. Institute of Maritime Studies Certificate Program

If you consider the university's  Institute of Maritime Studies, though not for everybody, you won't need JAMB before you can be admitted. UNILAG IMS is open to:

  1. All practitioners in Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (including warehouse operators, consolidators, expeditors, logistics service providers (such as insurance and banking services), freight operators in all modes of transport, cargo operators at terminals, Supply Chain Management practitioners, those involved with the handling of dangerous goods etc.)
  2. Those who wish to make a career in Freight Forwarding, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management.
  3. Those in the transportation business wishing to specialize in international Haulage.
  4. Professionals from other fields wishing to develop skills and competencies in Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management.
  5. Those in the Oil and Gas industry involved in international cargo logistics.

As such, the requirements, which exclude the use of JAMB mainly SSCE results and/or higher qualifications for the advanced applicants. Check if the form is on for this year.

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Okay, so we've explored some JAMB-free options, let's be honest here. Choosing to skip JAMB doesn't mean you're taking the easy way out. Each of these alternative routes comes with its challenges. JUPEB, Distance Learning, ICE Sandwich, and Part-Time Programs all demand dedication, hard work, and a genuine passion for learning.

Remember, gaining admission to any university, even without JAMB, is not a walk in the park. Academic performance, prerequisites for your desired program, and available slots all play significant roles. So, make sure to prepare yourself accordingly and put your best foot forward.

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