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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Can I Register UTME and DE For the Same Year? See Answer

JAMB Allows Candidates to Obtain JAMB UTME and DE Forms Together
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One of my group members has just dropped a question. He wanted to know if it was possible to register UTME and DE together in the same year. He'd got the idea from his friend. A person has also claimed he registered the two. Yet, he didn't believe someone can process UTME and DE admission together for the same admission year.

The short answer to this question is YES, it's possible. But there's more to know about this.
Let's get to work.

JAMB Allows Candidates to Obtain JAMB UTME and DE Forms Together

Officially, JAMB has allowed candidates to collect both UTME and DE forms in the same admission year. They do this on purpose. We will get to that shortly.

But, for those who don't know the difference between UTME and DE, my most "UTME/DE: A Compulsory Requirement to Gain Admission to Nigerian Tertiary Institutions", will be the right take to differentiate between the two. 

But for a brief exposure, Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is meant for those seeking 100 level admission with SSCE results while Direct Entry (DE) is meant for those seeking 200 or 300 level admission into universities of their choices.

Having said that it's possible to obtain the two together. Now you have a new set of questions - Who can obtain it? What qualifies you to obtain the two? Won't one affect the other?

You Must Have More Than O'level to Qualify Both UTME and DE Application

Only NCE, OND, BSC, HND, JUPEB, IJMB and Cambridge A'level Candidates can obtain both DE and UTME at the same time.

SSCE holders can only obtain UTME to seek admission into university, polytechnic or colleges of education and all to the 100 level of each programme.

Whereas, holders of Bsc, HND, OND, NCE, JUPEB, IJMB, and Cambridge Advanced level programmes has the qualifications for Direct entry forms which will give them admission into 200 or 300mlevel courses. As a result of the chance given to these people, they can as well apply for UTME.

In other words, these graduates can obtain DE and UTME if they wish. But an SSCE holder can't obtain Direct Entry form.

Won't UTME and DE Registrations Conflict Each Other?

It's easy to think that since the same candidates will write post UTME and still seek DE admission, things can conflict. No, it can't and in fact, it won't. JAMB has devised a means to identify the two accounts separately.

Most candidates will use the same email and profile code for the two. Some chose to use separate email and profile code. Either way, things are legally accepted. Read: Why You May Not Want to Use it for This Year UTME.

What Applicants Will Benefit From Registering Both DE and UTME

Very many applicants will naturally hope for one of the two admissions to click eventually. If you're not offered admission through UTME, you should be on the lookout for DE favour.

Aside from this, some candidates who failed to meet up with DE registration deadline in the previous admission years were allowed by JAMB to covert their UTMEs to DEs. This is called UTME to DE Conversion. I discussed this in detail in my post, "JAMB Reopens DE Form. Allows Upgrade UTME to DE".

If a candidate goes for UTME to DE upgrading, he or she has agreed to discontinue his or her UTME admission to chase DE admission instead. In order words, registering UTME when you still aim to register for DE can be a backup for you in case you don't meet up with the closing date for DE.

While it's possible to convert UTME to DE, it's not possible to covert DE to UTME.

Will Candidates Be Offered Admission With Both DE and UTME?

Sincerely, NO.

The purpose of this method, as earlier said, was to help you have a fall-back. The purpose is obvious. You don't have to waste another year at home because DE doesn't work. Either way, what you want eventually is to be in university - be it form 200 or 100 level.

JAMB has designed a system called CAPS. With this system, a candidate will not be offered admission by two institutions. This is why I gave you a post, "7 CAPS Status Messages, Meanings and What to Do Next".

If you take a moment to read that, you will see how things will go with admission such that one candidate can only be offered one admission space- no more double admission.

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