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How Can I Reject Admission After Accepting it?

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It may sound unusual to see a candidate trying to reject admission on the JAMB CAPS or from any school after already being admitted. Yet, it's not uncommon.

Is it possible to reject the admission already accepted? 

This is the brain behind the candidate's question,

What will I do after mistakenly accepting my admission on caps?

Another candidate asked similarly to that.

Can I reject admission already accepted on CAPS?


Let's get it.

A candidate just dropped a question that he accepted admission from a school on the JAMB  Marketplace not knowing that once you accept such an offer, you won't have the opportunity for another school. 

In order words, the institution accepted in the marketplace will replace the main choice you're expecting the offer from.

Another candidate accepted an offer from a school and a few days later his most preferred school offered him admission on the school portal. And in order to see the same from JAMB, on the CAPS, he must reject the first offer and allow the new offer to appear on the CAPS.

Similarly, a candidate changed from a school to the other which he accepted his offer from. However, the previous school then offered him admission. Now, he intends to change to the previous school and reject the other's offer.

All these are complex situations. yet, there are ways around things.

You Can Reject an Accepted Offer through the JAMB Rejection of Admission

A candidate who wishes to reject admission after accepting one needs to take the following steps:

  1. Visit the institution that offered you the first admission
  2. You may need to talk to the admission officer/officer on the issue
  3. The school will prepare what is called a rejection of admission letter
  4. This letter will be submitted (usually by the institution) to the nearest JAMB office
  5. The board will look into this and reject your offer on the JAMB portal
  6. After this, the portal will be made open to any other school that wishes to offer you admission

The procedures above testify to the fact that once you accept an offer on JAMB CAPS, you can't reject it again by yourself. You have to go through the school that offered the course and the JAMB office.

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Reject an Accepted Offer Using JAMB Regularization

Let's say you're already offered admission by another institution other than the one you accepted earlier. This admission is already certain. You may skip the procedures above right now and attend the new school that offers you admission instead.

While at the new institution, you will contact your admission officer on this issue. They will ask you to do JAMB regularization which will strictly be a change of admission.

To do this,

  1. You'll visit the nearest CBT center or the JAMB office close to you
  2. You'll be required to pay for an application for the CHANGE OF ADMISSION
  3. An indemnity form will be given to you after the submission
  4. This will be taken to the school you're already attending
  5. The admission officer or registrar will accept this, sign it and forward it to the nearest JAMB office
  6. After the approval by the board, a notice of approval will be sent to you through the email you used
  7. Then, you can print a new admission letter bearing the attending school.

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  1. Good afternoon sir, please I accepted admission on jamb to Eksu but I haven’t been given admission yet on school portal. Now I want to terminate it because I got an offer to another school but I need to do change of institution before I can be given admission into the new school. How do I go about it?

    1. You have to go back to your JAMB portal. Under the CAPS, click reject again.

      Then follow the guide in the post below

      After that, do change of institution to the new school.

      However, if you still want admission from EKSU, you can just wait week. After that, you should go to school to lodge the complaint. They will activate at the ICT for you.

      No need to worry about EKSU.


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