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Is Post UTME More Difficult than JAMB UTME?

Once you know that your proposed university, polytechnic, or college of education will conduct the post-UTME (exam) instead of the screening, you're more likely to ask if the post-UTME will be more difficult than the JAMB. See the difference between Post UTME and Screening

After all, you're already done with JAMB UTME and you knew what it was like. The questions were tough or easy as the case might be. Yet, you're still not sure of what the post-UTME will be like.

So, will the post-UTME be harder or tougher than JAMB?

In this post, I will be answering your question as directly as I can. More so, I will need to share some references to validate my final position on this.

Let's go!

Post UTME Are Meant to Be Tougher than JAMB UTME

What do you think when your proposed university insists on another entrance exam apart from the generally known JAMB? 

Of course, they don't entirely trust JAMB. They still have the notion that UTME is being manipulated by some students. Hence, they want to admit candidates setting their own standards.

And those who trust JAMB still believe the board's syllabus is more friendly for the aspirants than it should be. Hence, they want to take you through a tougher channel.

For schools conducting post-UTMEs, it should be expected that their questions will be tougher than usual. Of course, you can use your last UTME as the benchmark, yet, be prepared for questions more difficult.

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Most Schools Don't Follow the JAMB Subjects

Though not in all cases, some schools (conducting post-UTME) usually go beyond the subjects being tested by JAMB.

For example, a candidate seeking admission into UNILORIN Medicine and Surgery, like any other university, will choose, prepare for and sit for English, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology in the JAMB UTME.

However, in the post-UTME, the University of Ilorin has been known for setting questions around, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and General Papers (which can combine a series of questions including current affairs).

In this instance, it won't require further explanation to prove that post-UTME will be tougher for their aspirants.

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Post UTME Marking Scheme May Be Different From JAMB's

Since the number of questions in post-UTME is not usually the same as in the JAMB, we should not expect the same marking scheme.

JAMB has different marks for different subjects and even in a subject for different questions such as in English. Most schools conducting post-UTME award the same mark for each question. Hence, your performance must be even across the board to get a competitive score.

Similarly, some schools such as the Obafemi Awolowo University had been reported to be using negative marking in some of their past Post-UTMEs. Using the negative marking scheme, the university will minus what you missed from what you got.

For example, if you got 70 questions right out of 100, they will minus 30 (which you missed) from the 70. Hence, you're left with 40 in the end.

With marking scheme differences among schools and compared to what is obtained from the JAMB's marking method, your school post-UTME might be tougher.

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The Usual Access to Syllabus, Past Questions, and Tutorials Make JAMB Easier than Post UTME

Remember back then when you were preparing for JAMB, you have easy access to the JAMB syllabus, recommended books, and past questions. You could find at least a JAMB tutorial center at the corner of your street.

However, for the post-UTME, what you may have access o may be limited to the past questions and a few (on-campus) tutorial centers (if any).

So, where can you possibly get the syllabus for a school post-UTME? Where can you get a list of the recommended books for a school post-UTME?

The answer to these questions is probably NOWHERE.

Based on this limited access to preparatory recourses, we can smartly conclude that post-UTME will be harder to pass than UTME, all things being equal.

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This post is not meant to scare you or give you the option that you may not be able to pass your post UTME. It's just to create awareness of what to expect in the post UTME which can be somewhat different from what you're used to, especially in the JAMB UTME.

The primary thing is if you know what it takes to pass your UTME, you already know what it takes to pass the post-UTME. Just get information about your school's post-UTME and prepare accordingly. You're certain to pass!

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