When Will NYSC Call-Up Letters/Green Card Be Out?

After completing your NYSC mobilization registration, the first thing you hope to have is the call-up number. 

You may need this call-up number to be sent to someone who promises to assist in "direct posting" or related matters.

And if you've asked the past or the existing corpers, they might likely tell you that the green card would be paper carrying the call-up number.

In this case, they're right!

However, you want to know when the green card will be loaded or made available to you so you can see your call-up number.

In other words, how soon should you expect the call-up number/green card after submitting NYSC registration?

This post will answer your question and similar concerns.

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What's the Call-Up Number?

The call-up number is the specific identification digits given to individual prospective corp members making the corp traceable for posting and others during camp-and-service activities.

This number looks something like NYSC/IPJ/2021/0494300

In the example above, the IPJ represents the acronym given by NYSC to the producing university or polytechnic of the corper.

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What's the Green Card?

This is the document to be printed by prospective corpers after submitting their mobilization registrations online. This document will detail exactly the data filled during the registration including the bio-data, addresses, kit details, etc.

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Call-Up Number Comes with the Green Card First and Later With the Call-Up Letter

It can be confusing to say that the call-up number and green cards come together since the two are not the same. It should come with the call-up letter instead.

Yet, that's the process - the call-up number comes with the green card first. NYSC will make your green card available for printing within 24 hours of the mobilization submission online. On this green card will be the call-up number.

You don't have to wait for the call-up letter before you will have the call-up number because the corp is aware many prospective corpers will want to process postings for which the number will be required.

A call-up letter will also carry the same number on the green card, of course. But that will be at a later time - usually three days before camping.

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  1. I registered for batch C on 6 October 2021 but up till today 9 October 2021 I haven't receive my call up number. Please why is mine taking so much time?

    1. You must pay for the call-up letter first. After that, they will load your gree card. Then, the call-up number will be on the green card

  2. Thanks for this...It gave me the needed clarity

  3. Please I'm a foreign students just went for my credentials verification today, please like when should I be expecting my call up number

  4. Pls how do u pay for the call up letter

    1. Follow the steps in the post below.


  5. How will I know that my name has been corrected after name rearrangement on nysc portal

  6. Do i have to print my green slip immediately or can I wait until I get my call up letter?

  7. I registered yesterday,but no slip was given to me . Is that how it is supposed to be?

  8. I registered a day before yesterday but no slip was given to me and my call up number is still awaiting since then any problem?


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