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Are We to Print NYSC Green Card and Call-Up Letter Together?

After completing NYSC registrations for a few prospective corps members, they want to know that next.

Some will ask what to print now? Any paper to wait for?

A few that had got the background information of how the activities will go will ask, should we wait for the green cards? 

And those who seem to "oversabi" will ask what of the call-up letter?

Recently, a client completed her registration and returned home with the green card. But on getting home, a friend was telling her she should have printed the call-up letter and the green card together.

She called me to ask if it's true that corps members should print both the green card and the call-up letters right after completing the online registration.

I was quick to let her get the true picture and that's what I'm about to share with you.

You will Have Access to Print the Green Card a Few Hours After the Submission

Under normal circumstances, and where the congestion is not much on the server, you can wait for your green card to be loaded if you make payment almost immediately after the registration for the call-up letter.

I'd once read the misconception in my post, "How to Print NYSC Green Card Online. Step by Step Guide" that unless you pay for the call-up letter, NYSC won't load your GREEN CARD.

In other words, it's the payment for the call-up letter that will serve as the payment for the green card too.

Hence, if you make the payment right before you fill the form or after, the green card should be made available for printing within a few hours.

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Call-Up Letters will Be Available Few Days to Camping

NYSC has once tried to load call-up letters at the same time as the green cards. It failed! While some corpers were wrongly posted, others saw states outside Nigeria appearing on their letters.

As a result, from that time, the management has always waited till few days to the camping before loading call-up letters for printing. 

Therefore, before you can see or print the call-up letters, you should be waiting till 5 or 4 days before NYSC opens its camp for your batch/stream.

Where the time-table is available, they will let you know the date this will commence upfront.

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You Can Print the Green Card and Call-Up Letter Together If Payment is Delayed

Let's say after completing the registration you didn't make the payment. You prefer paying later (it's possible and allowed), you may pay when the call-up letters are being loaded for the prospective corps members.

If you pay this time, the green card (which was not made available before because you didn't pay immediately after the registration) and the call-up letter will be available to you the same day.

First, the green card was only waiting for your payment as it's been paid for after the registration. The call-up letter is waiting for the right day, to be loaded too. Now, you pay when the days to print the call-up letters are due, the green card will show up for printing at the same time as the call-up letter.


If you've been carrying the notion that a cafe should print both the green card and call-up letter after the submission, you're wrong. In fact, they only owe you the green card if payment is made immediately after the registration. You will print your call-up letter later and at any other cafe or place when the time comes.

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