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How to Process NYSC Direct Posting (With a Secret!)

NYSC has a structured process for posting prospective corps members (PCM) to different states. After completing the online mobilization registration, the corps randomly assigns awaiting corps members to their various states to participate in the one-year National Youth Service.

However, if you're not willing to comply with the corps' posting structure, you might consider direct posting or redeployment. Redeployment is the process of reassigning PCM (Prospective Corps Members) to other states before or after the camp. This is legal and generally allowed if deemed necessary, usually on the grounds of marriage and/or health.

On the other hand, direct posting is illegal and an unofficial way of manipulating the system to get posted to the state of your choice, usually before leaving for camp or being posted to any other state. In other words, direct posting is a backdoor approach to being posted your preferred state for national service.

In this post, I will guide you on how to get NYSC direct posting done.

1. Visit NYSC Headquarters/State Secretariat for Help

Although unofficial, you can visit the NYSC headquarters in Abuja (if you're close) or check in at any state secretariat (not necessarily your state of origin or residence). Just visit any state office!

You're not going there as an expected guest. Nobody wants to be caught facilitating direct posting among the staff – yet they do it. So, you understand the implications? Get closer to any personnel you can come into contact with. Ensure you're speaking to a staff member and not just any visitor, or you may easily be scammed. From the gatekeeper, office assistant, or top officials, everyone knows who can direct you to for such discreet help.

Be serious about your request. They know what you're up to, and they're expecting something in return. Negotiate, reach an agreement, and see how your luck plays out.

2. If You Can't Visit the Office, Use Connections

Most prospective corps members will talk to their uncles, brothers, or colleagues who know a staff member that can help. These staff members have helped a few corps members in the past and can still extend their help to you. However, since you've not known or met them, turning to people who have could be the quickest way to get things done.

In fact, this medium is usually more trusted. This is because if they've genuinely helped your brother or sister before, they will still be in the office to help or know insiders who can.

Maintain Discretion During the Process

Throughout this process, maintaining discretion is crucial. Unofficial methods for direct posting are not officially sanctioned by the NYSC, and being openly associated with them can increase your risk of being scammed.

Remember, if you pay for a service and your goal is not achieved, it’s considered a scam. Similarly, if you pay and are eventually posted to a location you did not request, it’s also a scam. Ensure you reach a clear agreement and have certainty before making any payment.

It would be prudent to request a promise of a refund, guaranteed if you are not posted as agreed. This measure can provide some level of trust and security as you pursue this route.

Don't Seek NYSC Direct Posting Help Online

I've met a few PCMs who wanted me to help them with direct posting or connections for that. They were right to have connected with me but wrong to think someone they've not known in person or just met online would be the right source for direct posting help.

Of course, nowhere on my blog or online have I claimed I could help with direct posting. Yet, a few students have followed me for years, and I've won their trust. Unfortunately, I don't offer that service. It's never been part of my services.

Unfortunately, many adverts online ask people to contact certain phone numbers or emails to request direct posting. These adverts are mostly by scammers. Even if any is real, establishing trust online is challenging. You can easily fall prey to scammers if you're desperate for help.

I therefore warn you to steer clear of such mediums when seeking direct posting help. If you can get things done using the two suggestions in this post, searching the internet is not a safe alternative.

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