How to Print NYSC Green Card Online. Updated Steps -

How to Print NYSC Green Card Online. Updated Steps

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After completing your NYSC registration, it's a-must you print the Green Card. Unless you're not going camping, perhaps because you're forced to exemption Certificate (due to age) or an exclusion letter (if you're a part-time course), the printing of the NYSC green card is compulsory as you will need to submit that when you get to your camp.

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What is the NYSC Green Card? 

This is the acknowledgment slip to show that you’ve successfully completed the online NYSC mobilization registration. This document also shows that you have paid for your Call-up letter. It will specifically display all the information; bio-data, educational, etc filled in during your registration

Here is the NYSC dashboard. Click Print slip to download your Green Card

Conditions To Be Met In Order to Print NYSC Green Card

You will only have access to print the green card after:

  1. you have completed the NYSC online registration, and
  2. payment for the Call-up letter is made.

Then, how do you print this after you have met the conditions above conditions?

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Steps to Print NYSC Green Card Directly from the Portal

Follow the guide below to have your green card printed.

  1. Visit the NYSC login page or just click
  2. Enter your email and password (created during the registration), then log in
  3. You’ll be on your dashboard by now. There, you will see the option to print the green card at the top and the call-up letter below (Note that the call-up letter will only be available at the time announced by the body - usually about three days before they open camp). This is usually about 24 hours after the submission of your form online
  4. Click on the “print slip” to download and print it
  5. It looks like the one below

This is a sample of the NYSC Green Card slip

Important Notes Regards Printing of NYSC Green Cards

  1. You may need a PDF reader or Adobe Reader installed on your computer or mobile device before you can download and print this slip.
  2. The green card is not meant to be green. Even though the card contains some green text/logo, this doesn’t mean all the contents must be in green color. However, the card must be printed in color to be acceptable at your NYSC camp.
  3. If you've completed your NYSC registration but you didn't pay for the call-up letter, the green card won't be available for printing until you make the payment.
  4. If you pay for the call-up letter at the early time of the NYSC registration (i.e within the first few days), your green card may not be loaded immediately. It usually takes a few hours or a day before you can print.
  5. Your NYSC call-up number will be made available on the green card. This is the number that people seeking help for posting (straight posting) will be asked to send.

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  2. How long does it take for approval status:pending will be approved

  3. Please my green card still says yet to be evaluated. It refuses to print . Yet I have a cleared Verification slip gotten from physical verification

    1. Check back back before entering camp. if the same, present your cleared Verification slip and lodge the complaint on reporting.

  4. I have problem with year of graduation, the one on my statement of result is 2018/2020, while the one on nysc profile is 2022

    1. That is nothing to worry about. It won't affect you

  5. Good morning sir ,pls I mistakenly input a wrong year of graduation. Instead of 2016 to 2021, I inputted 2016-2020. Hope it won't affect me at camp.

  6. Good afternoon, please i wanted to print out my green card and its showing awaiting since yesterday?


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