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How to Get Primary School Certificates and/or Testimonials

You will need a Primary school certificate and/or testimonial at various stages of your life. When seeking admissions, applying for jobs, or going for screenings/interviews, one of the requirements may be the certificate or its counterpart - the testimonial.

The questions that come up when people are in need of these official documents may surround issues including:

  1. differences between primary school testimonials and certificates
  2. difference between common entrance and first school leaving certificates
  3. samples of primary school testimonials and certificates
  4. collection of the certificates/testimonials collected from the school or ministry of education
  5. other possibilities where a primary school doesn't exist again
  6. possibility of collection by proxy
  7. possibility of using a testimonial Instead or in place of a certificate

This post will hold you by hand and show you ways out of different issues and concerns regarding the primary school certificates and testimonials

What is a Primary School Certificate?

An official document given to testify to the completion of primary school education is called the Primary School Certificate. A few can refer to this as the First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC) or Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSCL).

Sample of Primary 6 Certificate

A pupil is entitled to collect his or her certificate after he or she must have taken part in the common entrance exams by the state (ministry of education) or federal (National Council of Examination (NECO's NCEE).

Loosely, the Primary School Certificate is called Primary 6 (VI) certificate in the case of the public or government-owned schools and Primary 5 (V) Certificate in the case of the private-owned schools.

What is a Primary School Testimonial?

This is an official document not only showing that you'd completed your primary education but also testifying to your characters, participation in the school activities, and recommending you for your next academic or career pursuits.

Sample of a Primary School Testimonial

A testimonial gives a brief account of a pupil while in school. This document will detail among other things a pupil's admission number, year of entrance and departure, subjects offered in school, well-known extra curriculum activity, a position held among others, etc.

Are there Differences Between Testimonial and Certificate?

Obviously, from the explanations above, there is a clear difference between the two documents. A Certificate is mainly a representation of your completion of 6 or 5 years of primary education while the Testimonial, in addition, testifies to your character, academic and extra-curriculum participation while in the school.

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Where to Collect Primary School Certificate/Testimonial

To get your Primary school Leaving certificate, you have to return to your attended primary school. In case you attended more than one, you may need to visit the last one attended instead.

This is because the last primary school is more likely where you sat for your final exams called Common Entrance exams.

However, for a few people that went to and completed their primary education under a private primary school but wrote the final exams under a public school or ministry of education, you may get your certificate with the school you spent more years with. Such a private school would collect the certificate for you from the ministry.

In the case of testimonials, you can strictly get a testimonial from a school you spend your full years in primary level with. The school should, under normal circumstances, be able to attest to your character, academic, and non-academic participation than a school where you just spent a year or few days.

If however, you can't get that from the school in question, you can as well approach the last school for help.

Where a Primary School Doesn't Exist Again, how to get its Certificate or Testimonial

I've come across a few cases where the primary schools attended were no more in existence. Such a school might have folded up, closed, or been castigated by the government. We have also got cases of relocation of schools with candidates who have no new addresses.

In this case, you have to approach the Ministry of Education L.I.E office of the town or the local government of the school. This office usually has the records of all schools established in the past, presently, or at present within the local council. Tell your story and they will find the right solution. 

A friend needed his testimonial while planning to travel abroad but the school was folded. The L.I.E office had to issue the state ministry of education testimonial in the name of the folded school.

Can You Can a Lost Primary School Certificate or Testimonial Back

It's usual to have your primary school certificate and/testimonial lost, damaged, or misplaced after being issued. The possibility of getting it back may be daunting but it's very possible.

A public primary school may only issue a certificate once, except there is a convincing official backing. This is because the certificate is usually kept in the state government's custody - making it difficult to be issued twice.

However, the same government-owned primary school can issue testimonials more than once. Such documents are made from the schools' records and usually on their official letterheads.

Private primary school, on the other hand, may conveniently issue you another primary school certificate and/or testimonial in case of loss

Can Another Person Help to Collect a Primary School Certificate or Testimonial

There are a few cases of people collecting their certificates and testimonials by proxies.

As a matter of fact, by the law, certificates and testimonials should be collected in person. However, where there are official and legal representations by a family member, superiors, sponsors, organizations, etc, the testimonials or certificates can be issued to another person on behalf of the owners.

Using Testimonials in Place of Certificates and Vice Versa

There are cases of people who have one of the primary school certificates and testimonials but not the two. And for their official needs, the recipient asks for a certificate or testimonial but not the two together.

They now want to know if they can use the testimonials, they have, where certificates are required or they can use certificates where testimonials are required.

Under normal circumstances, each of these documents has its purposes. You should be in the possession of the two be on the safer side.

However, experiences had shown that you could use one in place of the other. Organizations accept certificates mostly. Hence, you may not be required to present the testimonials at the same time. 

If ever required to present a certificate, you can use a testimonial instead. And if a testimonial, you can present the certificate. 

Except the organization wants more than your evidence of primary school education and completion, either of the two should serve rightly.

Requesting Primary School Certificate and/or Testimonial Online

You can easily imagine being able to collect your primary school certificate or testimonial direct through the internet without having to visit the school, the ministry of education, or the L.I.E office of the town of the school.

However, this is not widely possible unlike the WAEC certificate which one can now request online, primary school certificate may not be possible for collection unless you make it to your school or through a valid proxy, as earlier noted.

It is worth noting, however, that a few primary schools (especially private) are now using the advent of the internet to maintain an online presence. Among the services such avenue can make possible is a request for a testimonial, transcripts, etc. 

If your school has a website, kindly check for such updates on it and see if you can request without being present at the school.

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  1. Please can a private school issue primary leaving certificate by themselves if the person didnt go to any government school?

  2. Can I please get a clear sample of the testimonial? Thank you.

  3. What are the requirment if I want to collect my primary 6 certificate.

    1. Visit the school. Tell them what you've come for. They will check your record and issue the certificate with some fee. I can't be precise about the fee. But prepare up to 5k.

  4. Can a private school issue some one a certificate even though the person didn't write? If yes is there any implications?

  5. I cant remember the name of the public school my teacher took me to write. Ilasamaja lagos state

    1. Find your teacher or someone close. He can guide you again.

  6. Hi Sir.. am a student. I lost all my credentials, including my original primary school leaving certificate and testimonial.... I went back to my primary school they gave me letter to whom it may concern.. and am presently in final year in school... They requested for primary school leaving certificate.. my question now is can I use the letter primary school letter to whom it may concern for my final year screening? Thank you sir

  7. Hello sir. How long does it for the ceecertific to be available after writing the exam? In my daughter's school they told me it will take 3 to four years. While we it now.

  8. Please sir I didn't finish primary school but now I'm a graduate and I need the certificate for job please is there anything I can do or do you have any solution for me

    1. Talk to any old primary school you can convince to issue it at a price. Especially private, they can help.

  9. What is the cost of getting FSLC in Lagos State and must it be gotten from the Local Goverment where the person schooled

    1. I don't have the price idea. You have to obtain it at the primary school concerned. And where necessarily, follow other steps detailed in the post above.

  10. My child homeschools presently.she left regular school in Pry 4 two years ago. We intend for her to enter secondary school in September this year. Must she join a school before writing her NCEC?

    1. No. She can still claim primary 5 for NCEE.

    2. Good pm sir. I did my common entrance in year 2004/2005, but I did not go for the certificate due to some reasons. So I did another one in year 2011. Pls, will the one I just did useful cos some people are saying they will use my age to judge me later. Is it true?

    3. The certificate date should align with your date of birth, years in schools and years of graduation.

  11. Hello thanks for this information it really helps. Please I have a question, the primary school I attended, I attend the school UpTo 6 years but I did not registered for common entrance exam before I lift that state.i continued my education but I need it now. Can that my school I spent 6 years issue me my FLSC?

    1. They can't. However, they can give you testimonial. You will need the name of the school where you did common entrance for the FSLC

  12. Good morning sir. sir please I did my common entrance back in cross River state but I lost all my paper due to fire incident and now I am in Lagos and I really need the results for my new job please sir I don't know how to get it again. what can I do

    1. All I know about primary certificates and testimonials together with how to get them are already discussed in the post above.

  13. Enter your comment...
    Sir plz the sample of the common entrance certificate u posted is not what they gave me, and the paper they gave me i lost it, plz if i go back to demand for another one will they give me cause itz been years since i left,and i need it for admission

    1. As you said, what I gave was just a sample. It didn't have to be the same given to you. You can go back to request for another one. at least, if they can't give you the original again, there must a provision for attestation or something related.

  14. Hello sir I finished my primary school in a private school and I was issued a testimonial but while registering for university I was told that I can't use it and I must bring a state issued certificate , when I returned to my primary school I was told that Kwara state doesn't give certificate to private school students.But the university insists that I should bring a state issued certificate.PLS what should I do

    1. There is nothing you can do other than to let your university know that Kwara State doesn't issue that.

  15. Hi, Can the sample of this certificate be used on social media as an example?

  16. I did my common entrance in 1996 I went to my school they told me to pay 5000 and 2000 for transport

  17. Hello sir
    I went to my school to collect my Certificate But they told that it could not be found that I should go and sware an affidavit
    But the sincere truth is I really want the original copy of my result what can I do sir
    Please tell me what you think can be done because
    I need it for admission purpose

    1. There is nothing you can do if your school can't find your certificate.

  18. Please can one get a testimonal instead if he/she failed the primary six exams.? And it is the scl the person attended.

  19. Hello sir, I have my primary certificate from the public school I attended.but my prospective employers are asking from the one from ministry of education are list of all those I did the exam with. And the min of education said they don't issue because the school own is valid


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