My School No Longer Exist, How to Get WAEC Certificate? -

My School No Longer Exist, How to Get WAEC Certificate?

I've covered how and where to collect your results in several posts in the post. I established if you're a school candidate (May/June), that, you could go back to your school and collect it as long as the result has been out for about one year.

Unlike that, if you're a private candidate (Nov/Dec, Jan/Fe, or Aug/Spt), you will need to go to the WAEC office of the state of the exams and very recently any nearby WAEC office. This can equally be requested electronically online if the exam is between 2019 and to date

However, there are candidates who are school candidates, (May/June), who visited their schools to find out that the school no longer existed. The school had closed up or for government sanction, wound up.

There is nowhere to get the certificate. No principal's or proprietor's address of anybody who has to do with the school again.

What will you do if you find yourself in this kind of mess?

In this post, I will give your official guide on how to get your WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB internal results if your school has wound up. In this situation or similar ones, all the exam bodies adopt the same policies. 

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You Could Get Your WAEC May/June Result at State's WAEC Office

Contrary to normal circumstances, WAEC candidates whose schools are no more will necessarily visit the WAEC office of the state of the exam.

One affected candidate took to the official WAEC Twitter page to ask for a way out of this dilemma.

Pls I want to find out if I can get my WAEC result from your office... please the school I did my WAEC is no more existing.

WAEC was motherly to guide him on the do next thing to do.

In this case, candidates will have to visit the WAEC office where the school was located.

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You Can Reprint Your Original WAEC Result (Digital) Direct Online

Very recently, in order to solve the problem of the distance of candidates to the WAEC office of the school of exams, the West African Examination Council (WAEC) launched an online platform where you can have access to the certificate in its digital form (i.e. soft copy) and get the download, shared and printed.

Using this online platform, alternatively, to visiting the WAEC office, you will only need to create an account, make some payments and gain access to your digital certificate which is exactly the same certificate issued to those who get it collected by hand.

The full steps to using this cheaper alternative are covered in "WAEC Certificates Online, Check, Print, and Share".

Briefly here, 

  1. Visit to sign up
  2. Verify your account and log in using this link
  3. Supply your exam details as requested on your dashboard
  4. Proceed to make payment. You will pay ₦7,500.00 for successfully accessing your digital WAEC certificate while the retrieval of the exam number will cost ₦3000 (if you'll need that).


It's no longer a problem if the school, where you sat for WAEC May/June, is no longer existing. You should just be sure of this and proceed to the WAEC office or branch in that state. It's only the WAEC office, in that state, that can help you with the original WAEC result or certificate.

And this is not limited to WAEC, affected NECO and NABTEB candidates will do the same.

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