How to Get Certificates From a University, Polytechnic or College in Nigeria -

How to Get Certificates From a University, Polytechnic or College in Nigeria

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Requesting a degree certificate doesn't have to be an after-graduation hustle. Some institutions have the policies of issuing certificates to graduates before the final days on campuses.

If you're unlucky to attend such institutions or you didn't get yours the same day others were collecting theirs, kindly see the guide below to collect yours.

Institutions' Issuance of Certificates Policies and Collection Guide

The administration department of a university is assigned the duty of issuing certificates. They should have all the graduates’ certificates with them years after their convocation.

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Every institution has its way of issuing certificates to its graduates. In most cases, universities follow the same standard of issuing the certs before the convocation or after.

With the question in hand, it may mean you're done in school for some years and yet to get your own evidence of completion.

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Follow this guide to get your certificate from the university, polytechnic, or college of education.
  1. Visit your school’s portal or website. A few institutions had made the issuing of certificate procedures very open on their web pages.
  2. Search for any link to request the certificate. If any, follow the prescribed instructions as detailed on the page.
  3. Where the online request is not available, consider looking for your school support/helpline and demand how to go about it.
  4. If all the above failed, visit the school personally or send a proxy to ask for the procedures to collect the certificate. The most important thing to consider is the time requirements and cost implications. Some people have spent a week or more around the campus before they get out of the hurdle.

However, most schools require your personal presence to issue your certificate though, except they have the policy of posting it to your address.

Wishing you luck.

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  1. Please I could not collect my original waec result because the school folded up... what would u advice I do to collect it, I'm in a real need for it

    1. Go to the WAEC office of the state of exams. They will handle that.

  2. How to collect result from fpno (and)
    How to collect my national diploma result from federal poly nekede owerri imostate


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