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JAMB 160 Cut Off Marks: Universities Accept it?

JAMB Cut-Off Marks is a Recommendation Not a Compulsion
Will your schools accept the JAMB cut-off marks announced?
I smile sometimes when my candidates call or check in to ask if JAMB has finally released the national cut-off marks. This is because it’s obvious these kids don’t know what I know. Nigeria is a country full of wonders.

Let me explain.

But first, I’d done some justice to how JAMB draws the national cut-off marks for Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges in the post, "Stages That Follow Writing JAMB UTME and Results (Must-Read for UTME Candidates)"You may take a moment to read that and get the basic ideas.

The reason for this post is to answer the question of whether all schools will abide by the national cut-off marks as announced by JAMB.

Candidates want to know because, it’s based on this, they usually make their final decisions on changing institutions and courses. If the cut-off marks favor them, they will stay, and if otherwise, they will move to other favoring institutions.

Here is the JAMB Cut-Off Mark for the 2019/2020 Admission Year

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has set 160 and above as the cut-off mark for 2019/2020 admissions into universities across the country. Also, the cut-off mark for Polytechnics and Colleges of Education/Innovative Enterprise Institutes are 120 and 100 respectively.

In the year 2020/2021 admission, the board allowed all institutions to decide the cut-off mark that is best for them. With this, we can conclude that JAMB only sat on the fence and watch all schools decide as they pleased. 

For this admission year, JAMB may decide to draw the cut-off marks, as usual, or let it open to the institutions. If they draw their 160 or less, what do you have to know?

But how do JAMB cut-off marks truly work?

Here we go!

JAMB "Cut-Off Marks" is a Recommendation Not a Compulsion

JAMB announces her cut-off marks and recommends that for schools to consider that for the admission year. In other words, after the board has come up with a benchmark for the year's admissions, it pleads to schools to accept it if they also DEEM IT FIT for their academic standard.

With this, those institutions are not under any statutory obligation to ACCEPT exactly the mark that JAMB announces. They may accept it or reject it.

JAMB is, to date, in no position to make it compulsory for our institutions to accept a score. However, no institution can accept less than what the board announces. This means they can accept exactly the same mark (if they want) or a higher mark if they don't. They can't go below what JAMB states.

The board's cut-off marks give just the minimum marks each university, polytechnic, college of education, and innovation enterprises institute must go for, never the maximum score they can accept.

If JAMB declares 160 and above for universities, for instance, these schools may accept a higher mark than that but they’re NOT to accept less. if the board declares 120 and above for polytechnics and 100 for colleges, those schools may accept more if they want but never the less.

However, in recent times, the less competitive schools that are hungry for candidates have been given the privilege to accept less than the JAMB cut-off marks. This is common among newly established institutions. And such an offer may not be made public.

Cut-Off Marks to Expect From Your Proposed Schools

I know you’re disappointed that our schools are not made to compulsorily accept the marks declared by JAMB. Sorry really. And now you don’t know what to do next since you’re waiting for the JAMB cut-off marks to decide if you must change institutions and where to.

So, what should you decide on?

See, experience has shown that a majority of universities will not accept less than 200 no matter what JAMB announces. I listed these institutions in my post, “Universities/Polytechnics Accepting Lower UTME Marks and Reasons to Do JAMB Change of Institutions”.

Some polytechnics and colleges are equally adamant that they won’t accept less than 150 e.g Federal Polytechnic Offa or 140 e.g the Federal Polytechnic Ede. Ede dropped that to 120 in 2021/2022. In fact, the Polytechnic Ibadan usually draws cut-off marks for each course and it may announce above 200 for most of its competitive courses.

A few others can be fluctuating. Even for the fluctuating set, they don’t go too higher or too lower than they accept in the previous years. You can see these too in the linked post above.

Change Your Institutions Based on The Last Year's Cut-Off Marks and Pray

Some of you might have seen some manufactured blog posts announcing JAMB cut-off marks for this year. Some have posted particular universities’ cut-off marks for the current year. They are liars. Don’t trust those posts.


You can ask your proposed schools’ admission offices, no school will announce the current year cut-off marks until their admission forms or post UTME forms are out. In other words, it’s in the post UTME or screening form adverts that the individual institutions will state the marks they want from their aspirants for the current admission year.

Whereas, these post UTME forms are not yet out. Then, where did your fake blogs get their own cut-off marks?

In case you don’t know, most schools will not start selling their post UTME forms until after the release of WAEC May/June results. Do you know why? Very many aspirants are using awaiting results for their admissions.

If you may ask me when are WAEC results expected to be released? Answer: about 45 days after the last paper. Start counting...

Now, this is what you should do.

Look for the previous year's cut-off marks for your proposed school and decide your changes based on that if you’re in a hurry.

If you’re not in haste, you can still wait until that school starts selling her post UTME forms. Some schools will still be accepting changes while the sales of their post UTME forms are still ongoing. Some will not stop accepting changes until the admission year finally ends. I discussed them all in the post, “Universities and Others Accepting Change of Institutions and Those Who Are Not”.


This is your way out of the mess most blogs have put you into. Kindly share it with others.

Let me share another secret with you. If you read anything like the current year cut-off marks on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., most of the time, they’re last year's cut-off marks. Those bloggers will just change the dates on their posts to the current year in order to lure you into thinking it’s indeed for that session.

Carefully choose what to believe.

Best of luck!

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