Can I Use My Last JAMB SIM This Year? -

Can I Use My Last JAMB SIM This Year?

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Just like asking if you can use last year's profile code for this year's JAMB, some students are asking if they can use their last year's SIMs for JAMB registration this year.

There is a need to ask this as if you're listening to some rumors, there are rubbish talks like maybe using the same SIM may lead to getting the same result or causing certain problems.

Well, in this post, I want to clarify JAMB's stance on using last year's SIM to process this year's JAMB too.

You Must Use The Same SIM Used Last Year For This Year Too

In fact, the point is not 'you can,' it's 'you must.' Having used a SIM for JAMB before, you've been automatically tied to that SIM. Hence, you have no other choice than to use the same line again.

In fact, don't be surprised if I tell you that if you must obtain JAMB for any year in the future, especially if you want to do direct entry admission in later years, the same SIM will be required.

In short, there's no need to think you can change the SIM in the first place. Trying to even use another SIM will refer you back to the former line (phone number).

It's Beyond SIMs, It Goes To Profile Code, Email, and NIN

Hope you don't forget how you started the JAMB processing last year? If you've forgotten, let me remind you. What you did was send your NIN in a text message to 55019/66019 to get your profile code.

Good, with that, the line has been tied with your profile code. Hence, as you have to use the same SIM, you have to use the same profile code this year too.

Similarly, if you completed the JAMB registration last year with an email linked or later linked the email has been added to this rigidity - meaning you can't change your last email too.

So, we can safely summarize the situation as "you'll use last year's SIM, as well as the profile code and email. Do you know why? Everything has been tied together with your NIN used to get your last JAMB form. And since you'll forever use the same NIN, those attached variables will be forever used when it comes to any admission processing.

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