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Saturday, April 13, 2019

How to Be Independent After NYSC: 6 Ways Out of Post-Service Dilemma

If you define independence as being able to sustain yourself financially after NYSC, this is a post to digest. Show me a guy who still wants to depend on his parents after leaving school. This is a course any right minded graduate will take after service. But it may not be as simple as being said especially in a country where searching for jobs is an institution on its own.

What can you do to avoid depending on your parents, friends and families after NYSC? How can you make a living after leaving service while yet to get a desired job? I will answer this question from my experiences. And if you had read my post, “4 Unique Profitable Businesses (Ideas) To Start After NYSC (With Little or No Capital)”, a half of my answer to the questions above has been covered there.

But not all of us want to do businesses. Some people even believe it's never their calls to buy and sell commodities or provide some sorts of services. This is why I’ll widen things in this post.

Making any of the decisions below will help you achieve independence after your service year.

1. Teaching Jobs

Even if you have some viable business ideas, you may still be limited with the required capital. But some people had made their own establishments ready, where you can work in the meantime. However, searching for jobs (or getting a befitting one for that matter) is not an easy task in Nigeria.

I don't need to remind you of what it takes to be called for a bank test or interview here. But teaching is the most opened field requiring the services of qualified teachers and graduates who can convince a proprietor of their teaching abilities and class methodologies.

Teaching can be the right way to gain independence after NYSC

Why don't you approach a few schools in your town and see how it can favour your wallet? It's, in fact, easy or possible to bargain for a part-time service in a couple of schools, so that you're not tied to a salary scale. Rather, you have the flexibility for other things while you earn from two or three schools.

And if you can start your own project, running an extra moral lesson for JAMB and SSCE candidates pays well. This though will require more attention, time and finance.

2. Blogging and Affiliate Programmes

We're now in the world of online money making opportunities. However, lots of scams are awaiting us if we don't search right. I wasted lots of my time and money trying to make money online from the start. The belief that you could just launch a web browser and start to be cashing out was (and is still) common in Nigeria. If you're carrying the same thought, don’t join us.

Internet can be full of opportunities to make legitimately MONEY but it's not going to make you rich in a few months or years. It can sustain you to start with. It takes time, discipline, knowledge and dedication. If you can write to educate people, try blogging. If you just want to share some posts and make money from the sales made through such posts, try affiliate marketing e.g Jumia or Konga Affiliate. If you want to read news, do some comments and make some decent money from referring others, try zinoly.

3. Event Management Services

This is hot till today. People want to do birthdays and they need cakes. A wedding ceremony needs an organizer and MC. Funeral ceremony needs event managers and manageress forever. Make up artists everywhere. After all, people want to look better. You should know these are trending.

These are what you can learn within a few weeks - in fact, at three-day seminars or workshops. Go out to learn at a local shop if available.

All you need to get handy are your complementary or business cards. Give them to people and they will pay you when they need your services. Don't learn just anywhere, find a place where you will learn more than enough. You will need this as competition will separate boys from men.

4. Local Real Estate Agency

Do you know you don't need a physical office to start a housing/shops rent agency services in your town? All you need is your residence. Get your complimentary cards handy and talk to a few friends, families and community leaders about your project.

People will forever have shops to let, houses that need rent, vacant land etc. Then, you're their go-to when they need to buy/rent. Earning commissions on such bargains can pay you big.

And in all, you practically have no materials to buy, rent to pay or somebody to report to.

5. Internship Opportunities

The first challenge with graduates taking internship opportunities is the stipends attached. It's true that internships in companies won't pay you much like your counterparts working with another company or the same company on full time agreement. Yet, half a loaf is better than none.

If you dedicate a few months after NYSC to searching for such offers, it pays off at long run. In fact, while searching for interns, you can walk up to any company and her HR manager that you will like to work with them on internship basis. Be clear that you won't mind being paid stipend instead. These companies need staff but they don't have money to pay, or better said, they don't have the budget. If you won't go for such a belittled offer, what assurance do you have that you won't be jobless for the next 5 years? Those who are still unemployed today once turned their backs to such opportunities.

A friend used this approach and got a Personal Assistant offer where he was paid a few bucks per month. From there, he got a better offer in another company. The new company employed him on full time basis because he'd had a year working experience in the same industry. You see?

If you can't start here. it's likely you're not going to start anywhere sooner. Why? Most of the jobs  you're chasing require working experiences. You must have seen that in several job adverts (1 year, 2 years, 3 years etc). How can you provide this since you've not started anywhere?

6. Network Marketing

The way I see the like of GNLD, Edmark etc is like running a business that someone had already started for you. You run the business and pay back the person that started it. Then, pocket the rest of the income.

You see, network marketing has been before you know and it will be in existence for life. This programme has stood the test of time. So, it is a go-to if you don’t have capital but time and energy to start something.

With network marketing, you don’t need to start a pharmaceutical shop. The organizations have done that. All you need to do is help them sell their products and pocket your commissions on the sales. Along the way, you pick a few friends and families who want to benefit from the same programme, then, you earn through that as well. This could be called referral bonus.

What I love most about this is, you only work hard from the beginning and at a time, you continually earn your passive income with little or no efforts.

I’ve seen graduates, civil servants, housewives and retirees who didn’t have any physical offices/shops and are selling products within their seating rooms.

The most interesting thing is that, these supplements work and really well. Once people know this, and they need it, they will look for you. Don’t believe you will have to hawk around the town to make some sales. You may do that for the first few weeks, but when the time comes, momentum will set in and people will be looking for you instead.

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