How PT, Sandwich, DLC Graduates Will Register For NYSC -

How PT, Sandwich, DLC Graduates Will Register For NYSC

An Exclusion Letter

Even though graduates of part-time, sandwich, or distance learning programs who are excluded from NYSC will also register online, they will only need to wait for their exclusion letter and will not need to complete any camp or service-related documentation or requirements.

A few references have been made, on this blog, about NYSC and the possibility of serving with the corps if you're a part-time, sandwich, or distance learning graduate. 

In, "Will I Serve at NYSC After Part-Time, Distance Learning or Sandwich Degree/HND?", it was established that with regularization even with part-time and related programs, you'll serve with NYSC.

With "Differences in NYSC Discharged, Exemption, and Exclusion Certificates", it was established that if you would still be mobilized for NYSC with some weekend part-time, sandwich course or distance learning programs, but wouldn't serve, rather you'd be given an exclusion letter.

If you belong to the second class of part-time, sandwich, or Distance learning candidates, you're excluded from being posted for NYSC. You'll be forced to an exclusion letter but how will you go about that?

Hence, the question is, will graduates, getting exclusion letters, also apply for NYSC? Will they fill out forms differently from those who are going to service? Will they just visit cafes and pay for the exclusion letters and get them printed? Is there going to be any online registration at all? Or the school will just collect money and ask NYSC to give exclusion letters to the concerned graduates?

These and a few related questions will be answered in this post.

Part-Time, Sandwich, and Distance Learning Graduates (Excluded From NYSC) Will Also Register Online

Just like the full-time graduates who are mobilized for, or other regularized programmes for NYSC, the part-time, sandwich, and distance learning graduates who won't be serving will also register online.

As soon as the corps opens its portal for the prospective corps members (PCMs) who will be posted to serve, the same portal is made open, within the same period, to graduates who are not serving but getting exclusion letters instead.

At this time, if you're concerned, you'll also go to any accredited café around you and register together with those who are being posted eventually.

As you might have thought, you would also supply the same information, during the registration, and fill out exactly the same comprehensive form. In fact, all details to be supplied will be as if you're going to camp and service too. But that's not the case. All collected details are just for record purposes.

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While Serving Corpers Are Printing Call-Up Letters, You'll Be Printing Your Exclusion Letter

Differences will start after completing and submitting the online mobilization form. 

  1. The graduates who are to serve will fill out the COVID-19 RDT self-reporting form and Print their verification slips. Excluded graduates won't.
  2. Graduates who are to serve will print the green card, as that will be needed at camp, excluded graduates will not print that.
  3. Graduates who are to serve will get ready a few documents for documentation as that will be needed at camps, excluded graduates won't need them.
  4. Most importantly, when graduates who are to serve will be printing the call-up letters (letters indicating the posted states), the excluded graduates might have even printed the exclusion letters before time or at that very time too.

In other words, exclusion letters can be made available on their dashboards about 24 to 48 hours after their online registration while call-up letters (for graduates to serve, will be uploaded usually about 48 hours before the camps open).


It won't matter if you're going to camp or you're excluded because you run a part-time, sandwich, or distance learning programme, every graduate is expected to fill out the NYSC form online - supplying the same information.

However, you won't need to do anything else other than wait for your exclusion letter (to be uploaded and get it downloaded/printed. All camp/service-related fillings and documents are not required for excluded graduates.

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