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Can JAMB Refund Money for Forms, Change of Institutions etc?

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Won’t it interest you if you hear you can be refunded by JAMB? Is it possible to get the money paid by mistake back from JAMB?

Let’s talk about this.

Every service in the JAMB portal now is through payment. Staring from UTME registration, you buy forms. For the change of institution, the printing of original JAMB result, JAMB admission letters, regularization, corrections of data, etc, you make online payment through Remita.

If anything went wrong, such as in the cases below:
  1. You wanted to pay for the admission letter but you paid for the result by mistake
  2. You wanted to pay for the JAMB part-time registration, you paid for the change of course instead
  3. You mistakenly made a payment twice.

… will you be able to get your money back?

People Who Made Payments to JAMB and Wanted Refunds

Wrong payment for JAMB UTME PIN

Payment made for the wrong year

Refund from JAMB to Candidates Not Possible

The answer to your question is no.

Once payment is made into the JAMB account through Remita or any other platform, you can’t reclaim your money.

A candidate suffered this fate and asked if he could get his money back. The answer was “NO”.
According to the candidate, he had made a payment of #2,500 for the change of course/institution. He later realized he didn’t need the changes.

As a result, it's every candidate’s responsibility to be sure of what he or she wants to do before attempting to make a payment on the JAMB portal.


  1. i want to reverse a payment of two times only one is reflecting but the money has been deducted from the account how can i go about it

  2. From Basiru Basirat dasola Pls sir/ma I mistakenly make payment twice on Olaniyan Zainab moromoke in printing of original jamb result Pls I need your help to refund it thank

    1. You must just commented without reading the post.

  3. I paid for jamb admission letter but it was deducted twice can they refund my money back

    1. More likely no. You can speak to your bank for possible reversal.

  4. I mistakenly pay for jamb admission letter twice can I they refund me back

    1. Did you read the post above? If yes, the answer was already there.

  5. What is reset for new payment on jamb portal?
    I mistakenly tapped it. Please what does it mean

    1. It is nothin to worry about. The post below make a clear reference to it.


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