7 Official Reasons JAMB Won't Release Your Results

In case you're doubt, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) had, in the past, withheld candidates' results. Some were later released and some never.

For reference, JAMB to screen 27,105 results, withholds 69 in 2022 UTME.  In 2021, over 14,000 results were held before being later released while 14 never saw the light of day.

As you can see, it's the norm for the board to hold some results due to some irregularities. And if confirmed to be intentional or non-technical, it may cancel the results eventually.

On this note, you may want to know why the board will hold results. This is what this post will clarify and prepare you for so that you're not a victim.

Some candidates' results might just have been held. If you're one of such candidates, you're obviously here to know why you're affected. 

Reasons JAMB May Withhold Candidates' Results

JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board) may withhold results for various reasons, including:

1. Examination Malpractice

As you might have assumed too, examination malpractice is the number one reason any exam body (e.g. WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, etc.) will hold or cancel results. JAMB is no exception!

I've, in a few posts, such as "Can I Get JAMB Special Centre or Cheat in UTME?" warned you not to engage in any act of cheating in JAMB. You may never see your result if caught.

Speaking of being caught, you may not be caught live in the exam hall, the CCTV cameras installed around the all have the footage of all students and their activities.

The board will check these after the exams and if you're caught...

  1. asking questions from other students,
  2. borrowing items such as pencils or papers,
  3. asking for help from a person other than the accredited invigilators, 
  4. walking around within or in-and-out of the hall, etc.

... your result may be held temporarily or canceled eventually.
If a candidate is caught engaging in any form of examination malpractice (as listed above or others not included) during the examination, their results may be withheld and/or canceled.

2. Technical Issues

I pray you're not a victim of technical itches at your center. One of the reasons some students will have to wait a while before seeing their results is if their centers suffer from some technical or network-related challenges.

As a precaution, the board, may not release the affected students' results when others are seeing theirs. It will take time and some investigations to be sure it's technical concerns before releasing them. The good news is, if it's for this reason, you'll see your result sooner or later.

3. Pending Investigation

Holding your results doesn't mean you won't see the results sooner or later (as you must have deduced above). If there is any suspicion or investigation ongoing regarding a candidate's result, JAMB may withhold their result until the investigation is completed.

Let's say you went to the exam hall late and you're later allowed to enter for your test, the CBT center might have reported your lateness. The board might be looking into why you came late if suspicion arose. The same might happen if you're rude to invigilators. This may delay your result from being released.

4. Inconsistencies in Candidate's Details

If the candidate's details do not match with what was provided during registration, JAMB may withhold their result. This could be a result of errors made during registration or deliberate falsification of details.

For instance, some candidates may have disagreements with fingerprints, face, etc. during the check-in at the exam hall.

In this kind of situation, the results will be released if cleared later or canceled if it's established that it's a deliberate falsification.

5. Non-Compliance with Examination Guidelines

Candidates are required to comply with the examination guidelines provided by JAMB, such as the use of only the installed calculators and writing materials (i.e. pencil for candidates with calculation-based subjects). If a candidate is found to have violated these guidelines, his or her result may be withheld.

In short, going into the exam with any of these, whether you're caught live or on the watch of the CCTV camera, your result may be held or canceled. Don't let your possessions on the exam date be more than what I listed in "

6. Invalid Biometric Verification

If a candidate's biometric verification fails during the exam or is not verified, JAMB may withhold the result until the candidate provides valid biometric data.

Failure of biometrics e.g. fingerprint check can still be pardoned if it's technical or traced to the JAMB. However, if you don't do the verification, at all, you may forget your result.

7. Multiple Registration

Cases of multiple registrations had been reported before. We both know why a candidate might have done more than one registration, if successful.

If a candidate is found to have registered multiple times for the same exam, JAMB may withhold his or her result.


It is important to note that JAMB has the right to withhold a candidate's result if they suspect any form of irregularity or misconduct during the examination.

Candidates are advised to strictly adhere to the examination rules and regulations to avoid having their results withheld or canceled eventually.

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