How to Solve JAMB Withheld Results Problems -

How to Solve JAMB Withheld Results Problems

See: What to Do if your JAMB Result was withheld
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Are you one of the candidates JAMB withheld their UTME results? Do you have a child, friend, or family affected? This post will help you out.

If you're just here to check your result, kindly follow the guide, "4 Methods to Check JAMB Results (Plus Original)".

Now, to those whose results were withheld, first, you must have received the SMS below or a similar one from JAMB.

JAMB: Name of the Candidate. Your result is withheld as multiple registration probability. Log into your profile immediately and carry out the instructions

If yes, sorry about your situation. But no need to panic yet. Follow the instructions given in the message or follow the details below.

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Raise a Support Ticket To Contact JAMB 

JAMB has provided an online platform to lodge complaints of this nature. With your proof scanned or snap contact JAMB through this online form and attach the proof.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on "Create Support Ticket"
  3. When you see the prompt "If you are a candidate with a JAMB registration number please click "Yes". Else click "NO"", click YES 
  4. A form will open, supplying your JAMB Registration Number. Under "Nature of Complaint, "take "General Enquiry/Complaint or Examination Issues". For the "Select a Topic", take "Others". For the "Subject", write, "I Can't See My Result"
  5. At the "Message", explain what happened.
  6. Next, attach proof of the complaint (if any) and send it.
  7. You'll receive two SMS after this. First, to let you know that they've received your complaint. The second is to feed you back on the resolution of your complaint.

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After Raising the Ticket, What Next?

You've taken the crucial step of raising a support ticket with JAMB regarding your withheld UTME result—what comes next? The process, while straightforward, involves patiently waiting for feedback and actively following up on the resolution of your complaint.

  1. Immediate Steps After Raising a Support Ticket: Confirmation SMS: Shortly after submitting your ticket, you'll receive an SMS from JAMB acknowledging that they've received your complaint. This is your first sign that your issue is being addressed.
  2. Wait for Resolution SMS: The next SMS you receive will be more substantial—it will inform you about the resolution of your complaint. This message will detail whether your result has been released or if further action is required on your part.

Proactive Measures While Waiting

  1. Check Your Email Regularly: Apart from SMS notifications, JAMB might communicate with you via email. Ensure you check both your inbox and spam folder regularly for any correspondence from JAMB.
  2. Keep Your Documents Ready: If JAMB requests additional information or documentation, be ready to provide it promptly. This includes any identification documents, registration slips, or proof of the issue you've encountered.
  3. Regularly Log into Your JAMB Profile: Sometimes, updates about your complaint or your result status may be posted directly to your JAMB profile. Regularly logging in will ensure you don't miss out on any critical updates.

If There's No Response

In the event that you don't receive any feedback from JAMB within a reasonable timeframe, consider taking the following steps:

  1. Follow-Up on Your Ticket: Use the support ticket number provided to you during the initial complaint process to follow up. This can often be done through the same JAMB support portal where you lodged your complaint.
  2. Contact JAMB Directly: If online follow-ups aren't yielding results, you might need to contact JAMB directly through their official phone numbers (2348166335513, 2348123658955) or email addresses ([email protected]). Ensure to have your ticket number and relevant details at hand when you make this contact.
  3. Visit a JAMB Office: As a last resort, visiting a local JAMB office can provide direct assistance. Bring all relevant documentation and proof of your initial complaint for a more efficient resolution process.

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  1. My result is not withheld but I was told it is not released yet. What should I do?

  2. I can't find my result i tried texting jamb with the number they gave 50019 but no respond what is happening.

    1. Make sure you write the two words together e.g UTMERSULT. If the same, wait till results are loaded to the JAMB portal.

  3. I haven't seen my 2022 UTME result. I did my exam on the 6th of May, 2022. I checked several times with d code 55019 to (UTMERESULT) on my phone but it keeps replying that my UTME RESULT has not been released yet. Please, help me out.

    1. Sorry. Some results are yet to be released indeed. So, wait.

  4. I misplace the sim card I use for the registration so how can I check my results

    1. You wait for JAMB to load all results online for checking and printing. Then, use the method 2 in the post below.

  5. Please I wrote mine in 11th of may up till now my result is not yet released says my results is not yet released please someone should help out

    1. They will release your result by ending of June. Patience.

  6. I haven't seen my result still 7th of may and up still now,pls what is going on 😭😭😭

    1. They will release by ending of this month. Wait

  7. Please I haven't seen my result sine 7 may because of my problem with my sim and am waiting for the link of jamb portal is it going to come out

    1. Yes, link your email to the JAMB portal first. After that, you should be able to print your result.

  8. Please I haven't seen my result since...they are just texting dear Catherine your result has not been released yet😭😭

    1. Please be patient. JAMB has not released some results to date. No date announced to release that yet. But keep checking. Admission for 99% of schools have not started. So, you still have the time.

  9. Please sir, I wanted to know if any result have been released yet.

    I still checked today but it's still showing: result is yet to be released.
    Is there hope again?

  10. I have not seen my result yet but all results came out today

  11. Pls I write jamb this year 2023 but the are showing me result withheld


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