After NYSC Registration, What Next? (Updated!)

As soon as you complete your NYSC registration and the application is submitted, you're likely to get concerned about what's next.

For a few weeks now, on your mind, was how to do or complete your NYSC registration. But now that the registration is over, what will be the next things?

In this post, if you've already completed your NYSC registration or you're about to register, I'll share with you a list of other activities or steps that will follow after your café man hits submit button.

7 Steps That Follow the Registration and Submission of NYSC Application

Below is the list of the usual activities to get involved in or look out for after completing online NYSC registration.

1. Paying For Call-Up Letter

Of course, the platform for the NYSC registration was made such that, you could pay for the call-up letter before you start the registration properly. In most cases, prospective corpers will pay after the submission.

Be sure you make the payment of about #3000 for your call-up letter. In most cases, a café operator will charge this together with your registration service charge. With this, he will use his own ATM card to make the online payment for you.

However, if he doesn't, or you choose otherwise, you may need to use your own credit card (ATM card) to make the online payment yourself for the call-up letter.

Of course, you can pay the same day you complete the NYSC registration and you can defer that till later (usually before loading call-up or the same day the corps load it).

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2. Printing of Green Card

As an overlay of the payment for the call-up letter, the next thing after your payment is to print the green card. And without the payment for the call-up letter, the green card, though already loaded, will remain inaccessible until you make the payment.

Once you make the payment, it's certain that in a few hours (within 48 hours) or almost immediately (if you pay later), the green card will be loaded for you to print automatically by the system.

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And of course, your call-up number will first be made available to you on the green card, in case you need to send it to someone for posting assistance or any other related reasons.

NYSC green card is not necessarily green. You can access it right on your dashboard and it will be downloadable and viewable through PDF (adobe or any other PDF reader) before you can print.

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3. Registering for the Online NCDC Covid-19 Test Form

This is a mini-registration that will be active and should be registered after completing your NYSC registration.

The link to register for the NCDC Covid-19 Test Form will be made available on each prospective corps member's dashboard. Click this to launch a questionnaire-like registration. 

In the form, you're only to answer a few questions, being used by the corps to assess your understanding of COVID-19 and its effects. Among other things, you're to answer if you've taken the COVID-19 injection, the date of taking the jab, and the type of the vaccine.

After completing this registration and submission, you're to print the confirmation of the successful submission called the NCDC slip. This slip will equally be taken to the camp and be submitted during the physical orientation documentation.

You don't actually need the service of a café operator to do this non-complex regurgitation. Just log in on your phone, click the link, fill out the form, submit, and download it for printing immediately or later.

4. Taking COVID-19 Injection (With Vaccination Card in Hand)

Update: This step or stage is no longer necessary as NYSC has stopped making this compulsory.

The step above couldn't be well done if you've not taken the COVID-19 injection. The corps now requires prospective corpers to come to camp with evidence of their COVID-19 injection (i.e. the vaccination card).

However, there is feedback indicating that, even if you've not taken the injection, the corps will still allow you to the camp - promising to give you the injection at the camp.

With this, it means during the online NCDC Covid-19 Test Form registration, you can still indicate that you've not taken the COVID-19 registration. That won't have any effect on your mobilization.

You'll be mobilized notwithstanding and if the corps makes the provision for the injection as promised, you can take it at camp. And if they don't make the provision, you'll still be allowed to camp and complete your orientation without any hindrance.

However, if you still have the chance to take the injection before leaving home, take it.

5. Get Your Medical Fitness and/or Report Ready

One of the compulsory documents required at the NYSC orientation camp is your Medical Fitness. Every PCM is required to come to camp with medical fitness certificate. 

You can get this at any government-owned hospital, especially the federal/state-owned one. However, people are playing smart using the doctored-type medical fitness/reports which are working too.

Similar to fitness is the medical report. This is applicable if you're trying to seek relocation on a health basis. 

A medical report confirms and affirms that you need to get closer to a specific state and medical facility due to a recognized sickness or ailment.

6. Printing of NYSC Call-Up Letters

You're to print your call-up letter before coming to camp. The call-up letter will not only state your state of deployment but will also be detailed about the address of the orientation camp and the date you should report at the camp.

The call-up letter, like the green card, should be printed in color and should be photocopied in 3/5 among other things to be taken to your orientation camp.

7. Going to Orientation Camp

With things done well, it's time to proceed to the camp. As indicated in your call-up letter, proceed to the camp on your own date. This is because PCMs are now scheduled on different dates to be at camps. 

Reporting on the actual date in your own letter is better than going before or after your date even though no sanction if you should go on another date especially if you're coming from a more distant state.

Just be sure you make a day within the first three days the camp will be opened for clearance activities. After these days, the orientation starts fully and you won't be allowed in again which will force you to revalidate for the next batch or stream.

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