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Where/How a Corper Can Seek Travelling Permission

It's important for corps members to seek official permission from the NYSC State Coordinator or the Director-General before traveling, especially for occasions like weddings or family gatherings. This ensures compliance with NYSC regulations, and failure to do so can result in sanctions including extension of service or decamping.

While serving, you're more to have a reason to travel at least once before the end of your NYSC year.

Generally, on public holidays such as Christmas, Idi-Kabeer, etc., corpers may travel usually without informing the authority of their departure to their families. However, if there is a need to travel on other occasions such as for weddings, family engagements and similar other gatherings, there is a statutory need to seek official permission.

Meanwhile, corpers are thrown into confusion because they may not know where to turn to. Do I have to seek permission to travel from my PPA, organization, company or boss? Do have to get permission from the state coordinator, zonal inspector (ZI), etc.? Or both parties must consent to my travelling?

This post will answer your questions with formidable official references. You will also be guided on the terms and conditions for such a request and the format the letter should take.

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Corps Members Must Seek Travel Permission From the State Coordinators

The offices, statutorily recognized to give permission to any serving corps to travel are two:

  1. the office of the Director-General or NYSC
  2. the office of the NYSC state coordinator.

In fact, the guideline for stakeholders participating in the NYSC strictly instructs as follows.

Employers and corps members should note that permission to travel out of the State can only be granted by the State Coordinator.

The Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), as usual, tells corps members that only the service, not their employer has the right to grant them a travel permit to embark on any journey away from their places of primary assignment. 

In his words,

It is only the NYSC State Coordinator that can permit Corps Members to travel within Nigeria while for any Corps Member who wishes to travel outside Nigeria, it is only the DG that can give permission for such a journey.


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What Punishment Await Corpers Who Travel Without State Coordinator's or DG's Permission

The Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps has stated that travelling out of camp or places of primary assignment without obtaining permission remains an offence. 

With that said, the punishment for leaving the camp without permission is the same as the sanction for leaving PPA without the right permission from the state coordinator or the Director-General.

Going through the NYSC During-Orientation Offences and Punishments, if you leave the camp or PPA without rightful permission,

  1. you may be tried by the Camp Court and, if found guilty, be liable to be decamped and sent out of camp.
  2. you may only be allowed to come back for service by joining the next batch for the orientation exercise.

Similarly, item 3 of the NYSC: 10 During-Service Offences and Sanctions, brings in, the travelling of corpers out of PPA including going abroad during the NYSC year.

As such, you're not expected to travel outside Nigeria while serving. However, if there is a true need to embark on a journey overseas, you can only go with the written permission of the Director-General.

Otherwise, you may be tried by the Corps Disciplinary Committee and, if found guilty, be liable to extension of service without pay, for double the period of absence.

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Conditions Applicable to NYSC Travel Permissions and Letters

Having stated that the permission letter to travel must be directed to the state coordinator, (if your destination is within Nigeria) or the Director-General of NYSC (if the destination is outside the country), it should be noted further as follows:

  1. Each corps member is entitled to a maximum of two weeks leave or travel permission for the entire service year. In other words, for the 12 months of your clarion call, you're only allowed to leave your place of primary assignment, on approval, for just two weeks at most and altogether.
  2. Hence, you may bid for this 2-week leave at a go and you may break that into two. If broken into two, the first will be approved for one week and the other for a week as well.
  3. The permission request letter will be addressed to all parties concerned. These parties include your boss at the PPA, the Zonal Inspector of the local government of your PPA and the state coordinator (if within the nation) or the Director-General inclusive (if outside the country).
  4. Approval must surely be given by the state coordinator or DG and communicated to you by your Zonal Inspector or LG Inspector before you embark on the journey.

Nature of NYSC Travel Permission Request Letter and Sample

In order to write the letter requesting your leave from the PPA, below is a sample you can follow.

Address of Your PPA

Local Government Area of Your PPA    

State of Your PPA


The State Coordinator,

NYSC, State Your PPA


The Zonal Inspector,



The Local Govt Inspector,

Town of Your PPA

LGA of Your PPA


The Title of Your Boss e.g The Principal

The Name of the School

LGA of Your PPA

State of Your PPA

Dear Sir,


I, Ajetunmobi Kabeer Omonla, a corps member posted to the PPA named above write to seek your permission for a week leave of absence from my primary place of assignment. 

The leave is necessary for me, in order to travel to my state of origin and partake in my long-planned wedding coming up Saturday 30th October, 2021. At the same time, with this leave, I would be able to bring my possessions necessary for a smooth service year. The leave will be, if granted, between Wednesday 27th October, 2021 to 2nd November, 2021.

Please find other information about me below:

Call-Up Number: XXXXXXXX

State Code: XXXXXXXX

State of Origin: Kwara

I shall be grateful if my application is favorably considered. Thank you as I anticipate your approval

Yours faithfully,

Your Signature

Ajetunmobi Kabeer Omonla

Phone Number 

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