Can I Change Course For Last Year's JAMB? -

Can I Change Course For Last Year's JAMB?

If you missed the window to change your course or institution during the admission year, the option to do so directly through JAMB's portal may no longer be available, but you can still correct the course on your JAMB portal by utilizing the JAMB regularization process, which involves visiting a JAMB office, obtaining an identity form, having it signed by your school, and then submitting it to JAMB for approval. Additionally, if a school is still accepting applications for the previous admission year, you can apply and make changes to your course or institution accordingly.

Let's say you're offered admission last year but not the same course you chose on JAMB. However, within that admission year, you're not aware you should change your course (on the JAMB portal) to the one school offered you.

Later, a year or years after, you're told or given reasons to change the course, on the JAMB portal too, to the one you're running in school. You must want to know if it's possible to do the changes now.

Similarly, some students wrote last year JAMB but were not offered admission. Now, in another year, a school's form is still open or just open for the last year's admission. Candidates who wish to obtain the forms will want to know if they can still change institutions/courses of the last JAMB this year.

In this post, I will be addressing these situations and related concerns.

You Can't Change Institutions/Courses If the Admission Year Has Ended

Every year, JAMB will announce the closing date for every admission. Activities, including the change of institutions/courses, will be allowed within this time frame.

Once the date elapses, candidates, for that admission year, may not be able to carry out some admission-related activities, especially the change of institutions and courses.

If a school has completed its admission for the year, JAMB will still allow you to change course for that school until the new JAMB form is out or the admission year ends. However, changing to a school that has completed its admission or post UTME/screening is impossible.

In others words, once the admission year ends, or a school admission activity ends, JAMB will still allow the change of course but not the change of institutions to that school. Even the changing of the course, that's possible, has to be done before another year's admission activities start generally or for the school.

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What If You Missed That Time Range to Change Course?

The best time to change your course, if offered a different course, is before the admission year ends, officially according to JAMB. Even if your school admission activities end and that of JAMB is still on, you can, of course, change your course on the JAMB portal.

However, if you miss this time frame, you won't be able to change course again on the JAMB portal. If you try visiting the JAMB office or a CBT center for the changes, they're going to tell you that the admission calendar for last year has ended.

In this situation, the only option to correct the course on the JAMB portal, to align it with the one offered by your school or the one you're running, is the JAMB regularization.

JAMB regularization is the medium to correct some anomalies in the admission activities, as provided by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). In your own case, the option to use is the correction of the admission offer/letter.

You can only do that at any JAMB office. When completed, you'll be given an indemnity form. You'll take this to your school, the school will sign it, and send it to the JAMB office for final approval. 

If approved, you'll receive an email message, confirming that. Then, you can visit your JAMB portal (for regularization) and print your JAMB admission letter - bearing the course you changed to.

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For Those Who Want to Seek Last Admission in Another Year

If a school is selling its post UTME/screening form for last year this year, you can obtain the form and do the change of institutions and change of course.

Let me explain.

If a school is accepting last year's JAMB, this year, there are certain possibilities, whether you're aware of it or not.

  1. The JAMB admission closing date has not been reached or not year announced. Hence, the school is still taking advantage of that opening
  2. The school is not selling forms for this year, but rather still for the last year. That's why it's accepting the last year's JAMB
  3. The school may be newly approved or the selected courses are newly approved. Hence, JAMB is honoring it to meet up with the last admission year

In short, if you take a closer look, if certain schools are selling the 2022 forms in 2023, that doesn't mean they're selling the 2023 forms. The forms are still for 2022.

In this case, aspirants can obtain their post UTME/screening form, change to them, and change their courses too.


Changing the courses and institutions of the last admission year in the new (or another) year is possible. Depending on the situation though, for certain conditions, as stated in the post above, you'll go for the regularization. For other situations, you'll be free to change last year's JAMB institutions/courses in another year.

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