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When Will NYSC Relocation Letter Be Uploaded?

Applying for Relocation on camp
After being posted to a state you've never dreamed of, and never of your interest, you're more likely to give in to relocation.

Corpers will apply for relocation mostly from the camp. This is one of the exercises that are becoming regular towards the end of the 21-day NYSC camping and orientation.

After you file interest in being relocated to another state, corpers want to know when the relocation will be approved or how sooner to expect it to reflect on their NYSC portal.

In this post, I will be giving you the usual duration to wait for the relocation to be approved and other subsequent steps to take after the approval and reflection on your dashboard.

Following the Application for Relocation, Corpers will be Relocated Upon Leaving the Camps

First, don't expect the camp officials to announce to you whether your relocation has been approved or not. They don't do that. They're only to collect applications, submit them to the right offices and leave the processing to the headquarters.

You won't be able to see your approval status and state being relocated to until your last day on the camp. 

Until the 21st day, which is exactly the day and usually the time you're released and dispatched to your place of primary assignment, you won't see your relocation status or be able to pay for that.

Hence, corpers on the relocation list should calm until this day. As you're preparing to leave the camp, this should reflect in the passing-on address. They will tell you to check your portal and make the necessary payment before you can access the new state.

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How to Check Your Relocation Status

To know where you're relocated, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your NYSC portal with your email and the chosen password during the mobilization registration
  2. Now on the dashboard, locate the link "Relocation". The link is usually next to the "Print Slip" link
  3. On the next page, scroll up to see the notice talking about relocation and payment. Click the corresponding link and make the payment of N1,176 for your relocation letter. See How to Pay For and Print NYSC Relocation Letter (Online/Bank)
  4. You will need a MasterCard to make the online or pay at a bank in order to complete the payment
  5. Once the payment is successful, log in again and follow steps 1 to 2. This time, you will see the state and a link/button to click and print the relocation letter. 
  6. Download the letter (using adobe acrobat reader PDF) and print it. 

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