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How to Pay For and Print NYSC Relocation Letter (Online/Bank)

Paying for and printing Relocation Letters
After leaving the NYSC camp on relocation, you should want to know where you've been posted. All you need to do is to log in to your NYSC portal/dashboard, locate "relocation" and navigate to the section showing where you're newly redeployed.

However, there is a need to make payment for the relocation letter. The portal, through a link on your dashboard, will take you to where N1,179.88 will be paid.

This payment can be made both online and/or offline (through the bank). 

This post intends to guide you on how to make the payment online and through the bank. Then, show you how to print the "Relocation Letter" after the payment.

Let's ride on.

How to Make Payment for NYSC Relocation Letter Online

  1. Visit the NYSC portal or click
  2. Click on "Login". And on the next page, enter your email and NYSC password. Then, click "Resume".
  3. On entering, close the "ADDENDUM" notice to be able to click on other related links.
  4. Next, click on "Relocation". That link is next to the "Reprint Slip"
  5. Scroll up to the last line of the Relocation Notice page. There should be a link to proceed to check that state of relocation. Click that link and proceed to the payment
  6. You'll be required to make a payment of N1179.88 including the Remita charge.
  7. Note, only MasterCard or Visa may be accepted card for the transaction. In order words, verve may not be accepted. See How To Get FirstBank ATM/Expression Cards Online
  8. After the payment is successful, log in again and follow the same steps to get to the relocation page. Now, you will see the new state and you can click on the "Print" link to print your relocation letter in a PDF file.

How to Pay For and Print NYSC Relocation Letter Through Bank

The method for paying for the relocation letter through banks is not much different from using an online payment method.

However, after navigating to the relocation page and proceeding to the payment platform (Remita), you'll just copy the RRR or take the bank option of payment and print the Remita Invoice.


It's this RRR or invoice you will take to ANY COMMERCIAL BANK in Nigeria to make the payment.

Getting to the bank, fill in the generated or copied RRR as the account number. The digits of the RRR are 12 and should be more than the boxes/cells available on the pay-in-slip at your bank. Just fill it like that.

Account Name will be "NYSC" and the depositor's name and phone number will remain yours. Pay at the counter.

Once successful, the bank should give you another copy of the invoice. But this time "the receipt".

Leaving the bank premises or before leaving, log in to your dashboard and navigate to the relocation page. Now, the page should display the state you're relocated to.

If the page doesn't display the state of relocation and it's still prompting you to make payment, click on this link, enter your NYSC email and click on "Get Status" to requery your bank payment.

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NYSC payment revalidation page

This action will revalidate your payment and display a success message. 

Then, log in again to see if it has shown your new state.

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