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4 Ways to Prepare for Life Before/During NYSC

After your time in school, is the national service. But sometimes graduates will be delayed beyond necessary before being mobilized by their schools. In fact, NYSC may extend the waiting period before the camp than usual.

Then, a few serious-minded awaiting-corps members will want to consider getting themselves engaged while waiting for the clarion’s call.

While in school, the time might be so busy that you couldn't combine academics with anything else. Though, we have courses that allow students to get engaged with something other than their studies. 

Even where courses are tight up, some candidates can’t just be satisfied with not planning for the future while being busy with academics.

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This post is meant for you if you’re a graduate or graduate-to-be who wants to have something to do before going to NYSC.

I like sharing my personal experiences most often. This is because I can say so much about that- since it’s my story. 

I also love sharing the experiences of people I know – through them I’ve learned a lot of things. The history of a man is an open book for another man. Hence, what you’re about to read is a product of my personal and borrowed experiences.

Let’s take a moment to address what to do before going for NYSC and what you should engage in while you're serving, apart from your primary assignment. 

Below is the list of quick takes to get yourself resourcefully engaged after school, before going for NYSC, or during the service year.

1. Attend Educative Seminars

I should have started attending several seminars from my year one at the Polytechnic. I attended a few but for the fun of it. I never knew it was a way to build the future in this country.

How many of such did you attend before your graduation? Maybe none. This is a problem bro.

Even a few that attended such seminars might not see the future in their seats. That’s what probably happened to me. This is why I must warn you and prepare you for what is to come.

Attending seminars should start from campus. And if you have missed that already, you should start listening to the radio and reading newspapers to get seminar announcements. This is a good way to start, right now, into the future.

There’re countless seminars these days - ranging from a seminar on snail business to online money-making opportunities/business, mushroom farming to blogging. It’s your job to find out where you can attend one.

Apart from the youth empowerment seminars, we have educative seminars that may give you an edge over your counterparts while seeking jobs. A company will love to hire a graduate who has some seminar experience in related fields than someone approaching it empty-headed.

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And if you think you may not need your certificates of attendance, what of the experiences? 

I attended a few before graduation and my certificates of attendance have not directly helped to get office positions. Yet, when I started Techie Konsult, I used the experiences I acquired in organizing my own pre-JAMB and post-AMB talks.

These are talks that my students and those coming will be forever indebted for.

Checking the wall of my offices, I had some certificates of attendance laminated/framed and erected for customers to see. Do you know the impression this could give?

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2. Go for Vocational Training

If you have a couple of months before being mobilized for NYSC, kindly subscribe to learning a vocation. Some have once started learning tailoring, barbing, event management, etc but quit because of the academic pursuit. It may be high time you returned to that and completed your learning. 

If you haven’t learned before, do it now.

Don’t defer this to when you’re done in service. From experience, very many people will end up searching for jobs after NYSC. Hence, learning such vocations after NYSC may be bygone.

I have shared my experience of a lady that learned fashion designing during her service year. What I didn’t tell you was that she had started learning before she gained admission in the first place. But in the service year, she chose to complete her training. TeefahCoutures is shining today.

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I told you about how I ended up at Techie Konsult. I was brief there on how I learned computers in the first place. There, I used “self-training”. You might not believe me if I told you I learned computers all by myself. Yes, most people wouldn’t believe that when they saw what I could do with computers.

But in your case, you don’t need to waste time. That approach to self-learn wasted my time. I couldn’t have followed that way too if I’d known I would eventually sustain myself and my family with it in the future. 

The time between your graduation and NYSC mobilization may be the right period to learn computers. You won’t need it only for yourself, most organizations will ask for it before you can be employed and you can eventually become a specialist with time.

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3. Design a Professional CV/Resume

It’s not new that after NYSC, 99% of graduates will want to try their lucks in the labor market. I’m sure you’re one of them. And if you have read my post, "After NYSC What Next? MSC, Jobs or Business (Self-Employment)", you would see that I recommended searching for jobs after NYSC while carrying the postgraduate studies and self-employment ambition at the same time.

A CV is your office as a job seeker. The better your office, the more likely you’re going to send a better impression to your customers. Here, your customers are prospective employers.

As you’re heading to the camp, opportunities may open for serving corps members. Most companies have spaces for NYSC and graduate interns. These kinds of opportunities had eventually given several graduates permanent jobs.

Tajudeen was a friend I served with at Niger State. He was my schoolmate but not in the same course. The guy studied Statistics while I was an Accounting student. My friend was employed by NICON Energy during the service year and the rest was history.

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See, you must start your journey into the labor market with a standard resume. It needs to be error-free, as detailed in "9 Worst Errors to Avoid on Your CV/Resume: No. 6 and 7 Will Surprise You"convincing, and professional. Creative CV/Resume templates are available online. All you need is to dedicate time to do some online searches.  You can use those templates as guides in designing yours. 

Using the service of a professional local computer center is welcomed too. Most of them will have current and standard resumes to edit for yours. You can also handle it yourself following the guide and template I gave in, "3 Steps to Design a CV/Résumé in Microsoft Word (MS Apps)".

4. Join Volunteer Groups

I once listened to a business owner. He owns about 4 companies. He owned two degrees and four Master's. However, he chooses to start and build businesses - even for others.

In the interview, he got the secret to starting and building successful businesses through voluntary programs. 

It's truly hard to serve organizations voluntarily (with no salary attached) or start such a project (yourself) that is non-profit, with an empty stomach. Yet, if you can sacrifice a year or two to join and serve in any available voluntary group or organization, you don't know what you can learn within this period.

Your experience can form part of your CV and give you a competitive edge or you can come by your own call in the course of serving others.

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