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WAEC or NECO: Which Exam Should I Go For?

There are times when we're left with making a choice between registering and sitting for either WAEC or NECO. I've met parents who could only afford either WAEC or NECO for their children. Hence, they want to be sure of the right one to go for between the two exams.

My little secret: when my daughter wanted to write WAEC and NECO in her final year, I decided to let her choose one, as I prefer saving my money. After all, there is no law stating that a student must write both WAEC and NECO at SS3.

If you're in the same dilemma, I can help you decide which exam to go for between WAEC and NECO. Now, let's do it together.

Writing WAEC Together With NECO is Generally Not Compulsory

Just so you know, writing both WAEC together with NECO upon completing secondary school is not a mandatory ritual. The realm of Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (SSCE) offers alternatives like GCE and NABTEB, all of which are recognized by schools for admissions. You don't need the duo – either WAEC or NECO, or a blend of both, can seamlessly fulfill the same purpose.

In essence, you're not obliged to juggle both exams when one can do the trick. GCE and NABTEB stand as credible counterparts, and any sensible school acknowledges their validity for admission. So, why bother wrestling with both WAEC and NECO when a single stride in the SSCE arena suffices? Save yourself the hassle and make a smart choice in crafting your educational path.

Before Choosing One, What is Your Academic Status?

Before diving into the decision-making process, it's worth taking a quick academic self-check. If you're navigating the financial tightrope and can only swing the fee for either WAEC or NECO, consider your academic prowess. Brightness becomes a key player in this scenario.

For many students, choosing NECO as a backup after WAEC is a common strategy, especially if there are subjects not made in the initial exam. However, if you exude confidence that you can nail all the required subjects in WAEC without a safety net, then you're in the driver's seat. Academic self-assurance is your ticket to freely making the call between the two.

So, before you make your move, gauge your academic standing – if you're shining bright, the choice between WAEC and NECO is yours to make without a second thought.

WAEC is Not Superior to NECO for Admission and Job

If you're under the impression that WAEC holds a superior status for admissions and job opportunities compared to NECO, it's time to reconsider. This misconception has floated around, but the reality is different. As mentioned earlier, WAEC, NECO, GCE, and NABTEB all carry equal weight and are widely accepted by organizations for admissions and employment. Any school or company is obligated to acknowledge the validity of these results.

It's true that there's still an ongoing perception of lower acceptability for NECO or NABTEB results, particularly outside Nigeria, for admissions. However, this doesn't mean NECO is off the table for international aspirations. Many universities in Canada, the US, and the UK are now recognizing NECO results. The key is to confirm with the specific institution before submitting your NECO results for admission.

In essence, both WAEC and NECO open doors, and the playing field is more level than you might think. It's about choosing the path that aligns with your circumstances and aspirations.

Making The Right Choice: My Professional View

In my professional perspective, I'd recommend opting for WAEC if you find yourself in the position of choosing between NECO and WAEC. The timing plays a role here – WAEC generally precedes NECO. So, the logical question is, why pick NECO, which comes later, over WAEC?

If, for any reason, you miss the opportunity to sit for WAEC, then consider going for NECO. You're not at a disadvantage by not taking WAEC before NECO; you simply have a different timeline.

However, if your main goal is to use your O'level results, for foreign admission after completing secondary school, it's crucial to check with the specific schools you're targeting. Ensure that they accept NECO before deciding to choose it over WAEC. It's all about aligning your choices with your academic and career goals.

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