Solutions to 7/8 O'level Subjects on JAMB Portal -

Solutions to 7/8 O'level Subjects on JAMB Portal

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After uploading your O'level results to the JAMB portal, you might have seen eight or seven subjects instead of the 9 uploaded.

Yes, a few students returned from the CBT centre to find out that after uploading their WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB results, which contain 9 subjects, they only met 7 or 8 of the subjects.

They don't know why. Was it normal? Should you leave it like that? Any solution to that so that you can have all the subjects?

Well, let's talk about it here.

Check If The Missing Subjects Call For Worry

Not all subjects will be required for your admission. In fact, you only need five subjects to be qualified for any course in Nigerian universities, polytechnics, colleges of education and so on.

However, the five subjects must be directly related and should be the required subjects for your proposed course. A student who pursues Nursing will need English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

With that 5 subjects appearing on the JAMB portal, there is a need to worry about the ones not showing. 

But if Biology or any of it is missing, you shouldn't rest until you get the problem solved.

How to Solve The Problem of 7/8 Subjects Showing on the JAMB Portal

Well, let's see an official recommendation from JAMB. I prefer showing you because that's exactly what I'm going to recommend too - which I've done a few times on this blog.

An affected student recently asked JAMB for help on this

Good day, I uploaded my level results, it is showing 8 subjects instead of 9 and I have re-uploaded it all over again, still shows 8. What can I do?

Check the 8 subjects shown in the picture below.

My observation was that the poor guy was a Science student using his NECO result. As you could see, he had English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and three other subjects showing on the JAMB portal.

Apparently, he already had 5 subjects, usually needed for any science course, appearing! 

If he doesn't want to stress, my advice is that he should forget the last subject as that is actually not required for his proposed course (most unlikely).

However, he wants all the subjects to appear notwithstanding, he can try the recommended troubleshooting tip.

JAMB is recommended as follows.

Kindly click on the refresh button under O’ level result on your CAPS to pull the remaining subjects, but if the problem persists kindly visit any jamb accredited CBT centre near you to get your result re-uploaded.

The quickest way to see if the issue was from the JAMB portal is to click on the "Refresh" button/link below your result page on the JAMB portal.

Another student saw 7 subjects instead.

After a few clicks, it should show all the subjects. If it doesn't, there will be the need to re-upload really.

Yes, you will need to go back to the CBT centre - not necessarily where you uploaded the first time. You can use any other CBT centre if you prefer.

They will rescan and re-upload the results. Now, you should have all the subjects showing.

However, if the number of subjects becomes more than 9 or some subjects are repeated - bringing to 11 or more subjects, I've covered the solutions in the linked posts.

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  1. My jamb caps is showing 8 Instead of 9 but all my subject are the core subjects showing hope it doesn't affect my admission


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