Can I Serve at NYSC With Online Degree (University)? -

Can I Serve at NYSC With Online Degree (University)?

Online University

For Nigerian students pursuing online degrees, NYSC eligibility depends on the accreditation of their university by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and whether the university is recognized by NYSC; prospective students should verify their university's status with both the institution and NUC, and directly contact NYSC for confirmation.

I've received inquiries from Nigerian students, both within the country and abroad, seeking guidance on navigating the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) process. Similarly, as not everyone has the means to pursue studies at traditional universities like Sheffield, Stanford, McGill, etc., a growing number of students are obtaining their degrees through online education.

Consequently, potential students interested in pursuing online degrees are seeking clarification before beginning the application process at any online university. They want to ensure that they will be eligible to complete the NYSC requirement upon graduation.

For those who have attended brick-and-mortar universities, the NYSC process is usually integrated into their graduation procedures. In essence, numerous internationally recognized traditional universities are acknowledged in Nigeria for NYSC mobilization.

However, individuals who have pursued education through online institutions such as the University of the People, Walden University, University of Phoenix, and others may have questions about NYSC eligibility and the necessary procedure.

The Varying NYSC Eligibility

Contrary to popular belief, not all universities—whether conventional or online—can produce graduates eligible for NYSC.

Just as in Nigeria, where certain universities are approved for NYSC, there is a process of accreditation between foreign universities and the corps.

Hence, assuming NYSC eligibility for all institutions, especially online ones, is a misconception.

1. Verifying Eligibility By Contacting the University

Prospective students seeking an online degree and subsequent NYSC eligibility should proactively engage with their chosen university.

Contact the institution and inquire about its track record of producing Nigerian graduates eligible for NYSC. Concrete evidence, such as past records, can provide clarity on the institution's standing.

If the university can demonstrate this eligibility, it's a positive sign. If not, exploring other options becomes crucial.

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2. Seek NUC's Accreditation Confirmation

A real-world scenario involved a University of the People graduate who reached out to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) about NYSC eligibility. 

JAMB redirected the student to the National Universities Commission (NUC) for clarity on the university's accreditation status for Nigerian students. 

NUC's endorsement assures the institution's capacity to produce NYSC-eligible graduates. To contact NUC, you can use the following channels:

  1. Head Office: National Universities Commission, 26, Aguiyi Ironsi Street PMB 237 Garki GPO, Maitama, Abuja.
  2. Email: [email protected].

3. NYSC's Perspective - Direct Communication

While the university and NUC address accreditation concerns, NYSC plays a pivotal role in determining the eligibility of graduates for national service. Initiating direct contact with NYSC is essential

Fortunately, multiple communication channels are available for this purpose:

  1. Website:
  2. Registration Portal:
  3. Social Media: Facebook (@officialnysc), Twitter (@officialnyscng), Instagram (@officialnyscng).
  4. Messaging Apps: WhatsApp (+2349010008301), Telegram (+234901000830).


Embarking on an online education journey is a progressive choice, but ensuring NYSC eligibility requires diligence and proactive communication.  We all need to acknowledge that not all universities are automatically NYSC-approved, whether they are conventional or online.

Engaging with the university, confirming NUC's accreditation, and directly contacting NYSC can provide the clarity needed to confidently pursue an online degree while maintaining the potential for national service.

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