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How To Pass the Pre-Degree: Complete Guide

How to succeed at Predegree programme
Succeeding in anything requires understanding what it takes to really do it. The same is applicable to passing a pre-degree exam or succeeding at a pre-university course.

If you’re just admitted into a one-year preliminary course or already running it with the future looking bleak, you may need to check this guide in order to excel in your programme.

Succeeding at a Predegree course is to use it to gain admission eventually into your proposed or dreamed course. But, how do you do that? Let’s get into it.

What You Need To Succeed Before and During Predegree Programme.

Starting from the application to the final exams, a lot of little things must be minded. Your success may depend on things you may not consider important.

1. Applying for a Predegree Course

Generally, all universities running degree programmes use the web to sell their forms. Hence, candidates should be on the lookout for the sales of such a form on the school website rather than through individual people or self-acclaimed agents.

Most candidates get things wrong from the application. If you don’t register rightly, that can be the end of your course, of course. 

A candidate recently narrated how he was duped by a lecturer when he was registering for the OAU pre-degree form. This is just one of the thousands of such cases. Hence, follow the right channel to obtain your application form.

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2. Predegree Entrance Exams

Some institutions are NOT conducting entrance exams for their prospective predegree applicants. For example, UNILORIN, UNIOSUN, AAUA, EKSU, etc. are no longer testing applicants before being eventually offered admission. They pick applicants based on their O'level results and sometimes, randomly.

However, we still have a few who will conduct a computer-based entrance test for you if you will be considered for admission. For example, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ladoke Akintola University, and Federal University Oye Ekiti conduct such exams.

3. Participating in Lectures and Tests

Your pre-degree programme is designed to groom you for the work ahead of you, in case, you eventually gain admission into the 100-level.

In other words, this is a platform where the university teaches and lectures you better for subjects/topics you had been taught in secondary school. Here, they demand more seriousness, participation, and comprehension.

You will be exposed further to what you’d already learned back at home. You’ll be introduced to the university system and prepared your brain for more work ahead.

Each week or month will see that you’re tested on the topics already covered during the classes. This is not different from what you’re used to when you’re in secondary school.

It’s expected of you to commit yourself to regular class and undivided attention during lectures. Attendance may be as important at some campuses. That may be graded too. Hence, you must be in class often if you will be successful in the end.

You also have to study hard and smart for your tests as this is generally part of the mark that will grade you for the final result after the completion of the programme.

4. Final Predegree Exams

Just like in other similar programmes, you will be subjected to final exams after the school has covered the curriculum for the pre-degree course. Your exams will be limited to what you’ve covered. Hence, don’t expect anything much outside what you've covered unlike the likes of JUPEB, IJMB, or NABTEB Advanced.

In case you’re curious, the final result of your pre-degree is a prerequisite for admission into the 100 level of your proposed course.

Even though you will be required to obtain and write JAMB UTME and pass within the declared cut-off mark, your school usually uses the final result of your PD/PDS programme to justify your admission eligibility or to mend things up should you fall short in the UTME or post UTME.

Schools may not be too open on this. This doesn’t mean that the final result of this course doesn’t count. It still matters.

5. No UTME, No Admission for a Predegree Candidate

You might have thought or heard that once you pass the pre-degree course, even if you fail UTME or you don’t write at all, you will still be offered admission.

That’s not true!

You need to write UTME and pass it. You need to write post UTME and pass it too. You as well need to pass your pre-degree final exams. I gave the full account and reason for this in my post, "Do I Have To Do JAMB UTME With Pre-degree?".

Think of your pre-degree as a medium to leave home and get yourself groomed for the academic work at 100 level. Don’t see it as a shortcut to gain admission without JAMB UTME.

Some schools may be lenient with you during the 100-level admission process. Yet, they want you to pass the three if you will have to experience a stress-free admission or make the merit admission list.

Therefore, if you pass pre-degree but fail UTME, you won’t be admitted eventually (except if such a school gives priority to their pre-degree candidates - which is uncommon nowadays).

Whereas, if you pass UTME and post UTME, you can be offered admission even if you fail the pre-degree. But who wants to do that, in the first place?


Preparation for the pre-degree and passing it is generally the same as preparing and succeeding in any other course or programmes.

You’re required to do things well from the very start - from the application to the final exams. Lectures and class attendance are important. Tests and final exams are more important. It doesn’t end there. You won’t make the way to the 100-level unless you pass your UTME and post UTME.

Wishing you luck!

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    1. Prepare with JAMB past questions. That is enough.

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